Matt ZagulaMatt Zagula is not your ordinary financial advisor.

Licensed in all 50 states, Matt maintains a full personal practice. He is also a master coach to elite financial advisors and attorneys across the country. More importantly, Matt has achieved financial freedom, and now works only with people and projects he enjoys. Clearly, Matt built a dream business – on his terms. So, how did he do it?

Matt is an author and he uses books to attract clients and close sales. In fact, books have provided so much value for his business; he has authored or co-authored several including Invasion of the Money Snatchers, Don’t Fumble Your Retirement with Rocky Bleier, and Creating Trust with Dan Kennedy. Matt describes a book as “the power deliverable in the creation of authority.”

Enhance Any Marketing You Do with a Book

Being an author positions you with authority, celebrity, and exclusivity, or ACE, as Matt calls it. When you write a book that resonates with your belief system, you attract people who agree with your world-view, “Instead of trying to convince people about what you’re good at, they already believe it.”

Matt uses his books “everywhere” to market his business. He sends books in the mail, offers listeners books during radio interviews, and promotes books on social media. He also hosts “evenings with the author” instead of the traditional financial seminars. In anything he does, books make a lasting impression with potential clients because, as he says, “people don’t throw books away.”

While his books attract new clients to his firm, referrals from these clients provide “astronomical” returns. Matt simply gives each new client two books along with A Consumer’s Guide to Finding the Right Advice Giver. He will then say, “If you have friends, family, or neighbors with financial issues, just hand them a book and our guide and tell them, ‘These are the people we like and trust.’ ”

How to Create a New Market

When Matt wanted to expand his business into the coaching realm, he naturally decided to do it with a book. This time, he co-authored Creating Trust with Dan Kennedy. While it provided helpful advice on establishing trust with clients, it was also a tool to attract top financial advisors to a two-day event. And the campaign they used to attract these advisors was nothing short of brilliant:

• Matt and Dan offered a free copy of Creating Trust in Insurance News Net magazine. They did this with an advertorial ad, which read more like an article. The ad included a removable card that listed several of the book’s benefits.

• The ad directed readers to a toll-free number or landing page where they had to provide both contact information as well as stats on their business.

• Matt and Dan pre-qualified attendees based on the information provided. The qualified group received a copy of the book in the mail as well as an invitation to the event. Anyone who didn’t meet the qualifications still received a digital copy of the book by email.

• With a magazine circulation of approximately 74,000, Matt and Dan had over 2,800 replies.

• From the two-day event, Dan and Matt developed a coaching group of 60 financial advisors, which continued for over two years.

This campaign resulted in a seven-figure annualized business for Dan and Matt over a few years. Equally interesting are the results for the coaching group participants. From their group of 60, 45 went on to write and market books for their businesses. As Matt notes, “that resulted in 45 business owners increasing their collective businesses by $132 million year over year…for most of them that probably represents at least a 20 to 30% increase.”

Create Your Dream Business – On Your Terms

When you write your book with a purpose in mind, Matt says, “You can drive revenue, drive productivity, and be successful by communicating your message.” Whatever your purpose may be, you can generate leads at a level that suits you and your business.

As Matt Zagula says, “There is no better, more powerful deliverable in the world than a book authored by you.”

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