Marketing in the Wild, Wild West

If you’ve been keeping up with our newsletters, you know that we recently attended the GKIC Superconference in Dallas, Texas. Advantage was fortunate to hold 3 informative sessions about book publishing, all with great turnout. Between all of the meetings with clients, vendors, and future clients, we also had a chance to attend many great sessions held by others.

It’s a digital world, where fewer and fewer transactions are made on paper. The one type of paper that is not obsolete is that of direct mail. Dan Kennedy gave a very educational session on the direct mail gold rush and how one can use it to his or her advantage. Direct mail can be used for many purposes, explained Dan, and you’ll find below the top uses of direct mail:

  • Use direct mail to create interest ahead of and outside of search. Your prospect may not even know that they are in the market for your product, so you can spark that need with direct mail.
  • Use direct mail to make a complex or difficult sale at premium prices. Your consumer is less likely to play the price comparison game if you’re the sole company presenting your product to them at that moment.
  • Use direct mail to create a tangible, emotional connection with your product. Direct mail is tactile and is consumed on a one-on-one basis, in near isolation. The prospect is consuming your message by permission and with more attention because of the reading required. You have a one-on-one conversation with him just like a salesman would.

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