marketing strategy ideas 2019In today’s crowded marketplace, it’s hard enough to stay afloat, let alone lead the fleet. As entrepreneurs, authors, and speakers, you are constantly at battle to win the attention of your target audience and outshine your competition. Ultimately, you’re fighting to show why you are the obvious choice.

But how do you stake a claim to your niche and become the leader of the pack? There are specific, strategic efforts you can make in your business to prime yourself for exposure, lead generation and continued growth amongst your closest competition.

1. Identify your market and cater to them. 

If you’re wondering what the key factors are in identifying your Ideal Client Profile, use the following questions to guide you in your discovery:

  • Who are your ideal clients/what’s their story?
  • What is your ideal client looking for/what problem can you solve?
  • When is your ideal client in the market/ how urgent is their need?
  • Where do your ideal clients find you/how can they connect with you?
  • Why will your ideal client engage to do business with you?

2. Build thought leadership.

Share your thought leadership through articles in industry magazines, blogs, videos, tip sheets, white papers, infographics, webinars, conferences—you name it. Meeting your audience where they are is critical. By offering your strategy and insight through a variety of media, you open yourself up to reaching your audience more regularly and driving home the all important message that you are the go-to resource in your market.

3. Show and prove. 

Social proof, in the form of a testimonial, case study, video or letter, can be the difference between you landing that new client and coming up empty. Create a standard rule that every client is asked to provide a testimonial. A testimonial is evergreen and will not only help you showcase your ability, but convey to potential clients why you are the better choice.

Those that consciously continue to improve their targeting, messaging and content while maintaining a high standard for delivery of services will truly own their market and gain a distinct competitive edge.

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