Marketing Tip of the Week: Develop a Product Line Around Your Book

How can you expand on your book to bring you in more money? Well, having a product line to go with it is nothing to shrug your shoulders about.

Let’s look over Robert Kiyosaki’s shoulder for a moment to see what he’s done. After he authored Rich Dad, Poor Dad, he started offering personal coaching, financial IQ tests, hosting educational webinars, offering financial classes, offering games and other products for kids and women, offering audio programs and has even co-authored a book with Donald Trump. Bet that got your attention. One book birthed an entire company with a multitude of products.

What about Mark Victor Hansen, of Chicken Soup Enterprise and one of the authors of the Chicken Soup book series. He is not only a well sought-after speaker, he offers books, books on tape, downloadable PDF books, audio programs, and video cassettes. Again, this product line was created around one book.

What products can you develop around your book? Share your ideas with us on Facebook!

Be creative. Think outside of the box. You can possibly start a whole enterprise!

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