Creative Director of Advantage|ForbesBooks editing graphicsThey say content is king—but you should never forget to give due credit to visuals. They are the ‘hook’ that grabs readers’ attention, enticing them to open your book. Arresting visuals are arguably just as critical as content. After all, the mantra “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” exists precisely because readers will make judgments and determinations about the book, strictly based on the way it is presented. The cover, and the quality of its graphics, are the first point of contact the reader will have with your material. You certainly do not want to make a lousy first impression. In the absence of a professional and visually-appealing book cover, you easily risk losing a potential reader. Lazily constructed visuals will not draw them to your piece, amid a sea of other book covers vying for their attention. In sum, we all ought to place as much stock in visuals as we do in content. Visually appealing graphics are essentially the “broker” that attracts readers to quality content. At Advantage|ForbesBooks, we have thoughtfully assembled an expert graphic design team to handle the visual arm of the publication process, ensuring your book is not only a powerhouse in the realm of content, but benefits from an arresting book cover as well.

However, the focus of the team’s work does not begin and end with your book cover. There is also marketing collateral, interior layout, and e-book creation, among many other things, to consider. Take a moment to get acquainted with the stellar graphic team, solely devoted to the success of your book where visuals are concerned:

The Talented Individuals on the Graphic Design Team at Advantage|ForbesBooks

George Stevens

Creative Manager

George heads up the team of talented professionals executing web and design services for Advantage|ForbesBooks. All publishing and marketing visuals, as well as interactive assets will pass through George for approval and revisions at some point in their creative lifetime.


Megan Elger

Senior Graphic Designer

Megan Elger specializes in interior layouts and e-book formatting, in addition to her cover and graphic work.  The visual elements of the book itself are her chief concern, from cover to layout. She holds a degree in Art History from the College of Charleston. 


Carly Blake

Senior Graphic Designer

Formerly an Art Director under L’Oréal and Corporate Art Director under Martha Stewart, we are proud to name Carly among our in-house graphic designers. She works with our members to draft a book cover that best conveys the content, style, and mood of their book. She renders their ideas so as to make them visually tangible – no longer a dream in their heads, but something they can see in front of them, and eventually, hold in their hands!


Wesley Strickland

Graphic Designer

A pre-press specialist, Wesley conducts quality assurance checks and file preparations, ensuring our books are optimized for printing. With 8 years in the sign industry under his belt, Wesley joins Advantage|ForbesBooks after having worked as a contracted graphic artist with the Washington Times. He is the newest addition to our graphic design team. He has completed countless murals for businesses in the Columbia, South Carolina area.


Given the indisputable importance of attention-grabbing graphics, you do not want to enter the publication game without a world-class graphic design team to assist you in your efforts. At Advantage|ForbesBooks, we have one such team at the ready when you become a Member of our family. Apply here, you may be our next author!

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