advantage forbesbooks membersSure, a business needs to be efficient, cost-effective and competitive. Spreadsheets need to be balanced, marketing schedules need to be created, customer service needs to be fine-tuned. But for a business to survive and grow, it needs to cultivate and nourish one thing–imagination–the ability to dream up new products and services.

Charles M. Schwab said, “To carry on a successful business, a man must have imagination. He must see things as in a vision.”

So as the temperature soars into triple digits here in Charleston, we thought we’d ask our Advantage|ForbesBooks friends and Members to exercise their right brain and imagine “What If…”

The responses we received are as varied as the expertise our Members bring to their industries. They run from the practical to the fantastic, from confronting the issues our world is currently facing to finding an inner five-year-old and imagining a universe of endless possibilities. The one through-line displayed by all our Members is the spark, the creativity–the imagination–that inevitably defines success.

We thought we’d share some of the responses with you this week. Today, we tackle:

What if you could go back in time and work with one person, who would it be and why?

Our Members have achieved success not by following a well-traveled path but by honing and marketing their individuality and uniqueness. It’s no surprise then that they chose to work with people who have achieved their authority and success by thinking and acting out-of-the-box, ultimately helping to change the world.

“Benjamin Franklin. Multi-talented philosopher, statesmen, business man and inventor.” – Benjamin Halliburton, CEO, Tradition Capital Management

“Zig Ziglar. Quite possibly the most positive man of all time. I’d love to be in his presence just once to experience how he encouraged others. One of his famous lines was, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” He was all about assisting other achieve their dreams.” – Dr. Stephanie Gray, Owner, Integrative Health and Hormone Clinic, Author of “Your Longevity Blueprint.”

“Bill Walsh. I think he is one of the greatest leaders in the 20th century. He isn’t just great because he was a successful head football coach. He was one of the best innovators and leadership development experts in sports. If you look at the coaches he developed and their level of effectiveness and success after working with him, it’s hard to argue.” – Anton J. Gunn, Leadership Coach, Healthcare Consultant & Diversity Expert

“Leonardo da Vinci. To watch in awe, and hopefully to learn.”- Dr. Anita Myers, DDS

“Winston Churchill.  I’m a totally different kind of leader than Churchill was which makes him so intriguing and inspiring.  He did save the free world, standing up to Evil when almost no one else would, and he was able to rally the British people to do the same.” – Michael Perry, President & CEO, SpringHill Camps

“Susan B. Anthony. Her efforts to create the Women’s Suffrage movement have always been an inspiration for me. In addition, she started the “purse of her own” to give women power over their own money. Susan B. Anthony shared a powerful message that women should not only be allowed to earn their own income, but they should also be able to use that money to create financial independence.” – Kathleen Longo, President & FounderFlourish Wealth Management

“Ronald Reagan. He seemed to have a way with people that so many people could work with him and he could get people to be open to new ideas and he seemed to see the big picture of things – he seemed to be persuasive while also getting substantive things done. And, he showed courage and resiliency.” – Gayle Abbott, Founder & CEO, Strategic Alignment Partners, Inc.

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