More Than a Website

How does your website look on a Smartphone? What about on an iPad? If you’re thinking that you have no idea and that it doesn’t matter, well, think again, my friend. Smartphone and tablet use has been steadily adopted and is increasing daily.

A study by eMarketer showed that more than 60% of North American consumers researched products or services multiple times a month via a mobile device. Multiple times per month–not just occasionally!

The study showed that 80% of all tablet owners surveyed used their tablet to research and buy products. Even more, 23% of respondents did so in conjunction with their desktop or laptop PCs, and 19% of respondents also turn to their mobile phones to research and make purchases.

So what do all of these percentages and numbers mean? It means that if you want to get your website, content, and business seen online, you can’t just create your website for PC users and call it a day. If you want to look innovative and professional, you need to have a presence on other devices, like tablets and smartphones. Have you checked out your website on your phone or tablet lately to see how it looks? You should.

We recently just re-launched our website, and mobile-readiness was one of those reasons why. Not only is our site responsive (meaning we built one website and it adjusts its content appropriately when scaled down to smaller sizes), but it’s also retina-compatible. That means that for devices with high-definition screens like the iPhone and iPad, the majority of graphics are crisp and sharp.

The bottom line: Plan for your website to stand out when viewed on multiple devices. It will put you in a higher position in your prospect’s mind.

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