Obtain Worthy Book Sales Through a Worthy Book Marketing Plan

You’re a professional speaker, or consultant, who just published his first book.  Now that you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, you’ve got to get to work obtaining yourself some book sales.


You’re asking yourself, “How will I sell my book?”


Considering the fact that most publishers require a minimum press run that can cost you quite a bit of money, you definitely want your books to sell, not keep taking up all of the room in the garage.


Let’s say you had to buy 2500 copies at a 50% discount just so the publisher can break even.  That usually equates to you plunking down between $15,000 to $20,000.  It is safe to say you don’t want these books working as dust collectors in the garage.  You want them to sell.  Especially with the wife mad at you.


What you need is a strategic book marketing plan.  The first step of this book marketing plan is to target your audience.  If you want to seriously streamline your marketing and distribution strategy, you will know several things about your audience such as gender, age, and income bracket.


You also want to look at what sales channels you already have access to. Are you a member of Rotary International?  Are you an alumnus of a big state university or an ivy league college?  Are you a member of a prominent church?  Are you well-known in the world of college basketball?  What about in the world of golf?  These avenues are for you to go down in order to increase your book sales.


What’s your budget?  You will cross sales channels that require you to shed some dough. These mediums include the internet, traditional print advertising, radio and television.  You will have to do some research and see which of these mediums best fit your target audience as well as fit into your budget.  You want the best return on your investment.


Press releases may be a good way to start.  They are easy to do, inexpensive and can easily be submitted and posted online.  You can also email or fax them to news stations, radio stations and newspapers.


In addition, you can run traditional print advertisements in local or national periodicals such as newspapers or magazines.  Your target audience and budget will dictate the type of periodical and the regional scope.  If your budget permits, you can also run advertisements on local and/or national radio and/or television.

An inexpensive alternative to print, TV and radio ads is securing interviews.  Local newsweeklies, as well as radio and TV interview programs, are always looking for new, fresh content to report.


All of the abovementioned are big-picture strategies.  There are also smaller, day-to-day strategies to consider. Should you obtain an 800 number to take sales orders over the phone?  Will you accept checks?  Will you accept credit cards? If so, will you utilize PayPal or obtain your own merchant account?


Do you need a website?  If so, how much are you willing to spend on it?  How much are you willing to spend on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to ensure that you have site traffic and searchers know you are there.


And the last big question:


“Do I do all of this myself or do I enlist the assistance of professionals?”


Well, how bad do you want your book to be successful? If you properly place the infrastructure, you will reap rewards.

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