When it comes to getting your name out there, Twitter is an exceptional tool to help you garner leads and prospects. In order for your profile to not only look professional but help you get noticed, it’s important to optimize your Twitter profile. Take five minutes out of your day, and follow these five simple steps for optimizing your Twitter profile!

  1. Your Name/Twitter Handle
    • Use a version of your name that will be recognizable to clients and potential leads. This will make it easier for people to find you on Twitter and engage with you.
    • Add a professional headshot for your profile picture.
    • Add an eye-catching cover photo using either your business’ logo or a photo from a company event, or one of your building, for example.
    • Make your account public as this immediately establishes trust and makes it easier for people to engage with you and your tweets.
  2. Your Bio
    • Make sure to include professional interests, but also add a personal touch as well. For example, state your title, tag the name of the place you work, your alma mater, and a few of your hobbies.
    • Your bio will show up when someone searches you, so it’s important to have something there.
    • Add a link to your business’ website, or your personal brand website.
  3. Create Prospect and Customer Lists
    • Create a private list of prospects you’re trying to engage with to set up a phone call, or lead them to your website. Lists allow you to keep an eye on those potential leads without having their tweets dominate your main Twitter feed.
  4. Reschedule Tweets with Relevant Information
    • Tweet articles from your website, your blogs, articles that pertain to your business or your clients’ articles or news. If you do share an article from a client or prospect, be sure to tag them in the tweet so they know you tweeted at them, and can retweet it. It’s all about posting relevant content that people will want to read, so be sure to mix it up!
  5. Pin a Tweet
    • Pin a link, valuable update or anything that you think can provide value when someone looks at your profile. You can pin a link to your website, a press release, or even a quiz or assessment you’d like them to take. It’s what you think will be important to the prospect!

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