A Media Tour is a pre-planned series of events that feature you and your book. Some can be months long with dozens of dates while others may be a week long with a new event each day. Media tours can include television, radio and live appearances. Today, virtual media tours are becoming more popular, as they require less travel (you can do a radio interview or webinar from home) and these events allow listeners from all over the world to attend.  A few weeks ago, I attended a book launch webinar that had someone from almost every time zone!

Media tours take time to plan and require you to pitch yourself for opportunities. Before calling every media contact in the country, stop to think why you want to do a media tour.  Is it to feel famous? Is it to have a big crowd lining up to get a signed copy of your book? The best reasons to do a media tour are 1) you have a very specific audience you are trying to reach 2) you have good networking skills and access to influencers who want to feature you and 3) you have valuable new content and services that will directly benefit that specific audience.

Batt Humphreys, creator of Inside Media for Entrepreneurs, provides media coaching for authors. As the former executive producer of the national CBS Early Show, he heard hundreds of pitches.  As a gift to our readers, we’re offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of his guide on timing and local markets to create your media tour. When planning your tour, consider every channel: TV, print, radio and online.

Pro tip: Make sure you have a way to collect audience contact information for every event you do. That’s the difference between being an unpaid talent and a marketer generating business leads.

Keep in mind that “launching a book” is not news. Reframe your message around your expertise. To widen your reach, brainstorm a list of audiences that would find value in your message.  For example, if your book is about traveling to Europe, you could pitch yourself to travel blogs, a morning news segment on thrifty practices when traveling and a women’s magazine about what to do in the summer months.  Every headline will be different, but you will be able to mention your book in every interview.

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