Outrageous and Unconventional Ways to Market Your Book

I’m going to give you some out-of–the-box suggestions on marketing your book. Before you think I’m nuts, keep in mind they work. They’ve been done before. Anytime you can be different, but in a positive way, do it. As always, it’s imperative to determine a strong message to market match. If the subject of your book does not match the market, it is futile.

Open your own bookstore. What’s so out-of-the-box about that? Well, your bookstore will only carry your book. Each section, whether “history,” or “self-help” or “reference,” will only have your book sitting pretty on the shelf. Your Best Sellers List? All your book, numbers 1-10. My friend and colleague did it and ended up in People magazine which has over 32 million readers. He ended up in many other magazines as well. Talk about exposure!

Practice what I like to call reverse shoplifting. Go into different bookstores and retail chains and leave copies of your books among the shelves. As people go to purchase your book, the store will realize the demand for your book and start carrying it. Another one of my friends and colleagues did it and it worked.

Fib to Your Radio Listeners. When on the air, tell the listeners they can find your book at whatever bookstore you want them to, although your book is actually not there. But once Barnes & Noble, for example, gets flooded with requests for your book, they will start carrying it. Another one of my friends and colleagues did this and it worked.

What have you learned? Besides the fact that I have insane, but creatively effective, friends and colleagues, you’ve learned that a little imagination will get you quite a bit. Take flight my friend!

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