Paper or Plastic? Why E-Readers are Here to Stay

Today, we find ourselves in a world where e-readers are no longer just e-readers. It’s quite amazing, to be honest. First comes e-reader, then comes tablet, then comes an e-reader in a tablet.  A Kindle, for example, is not just for reading books anymore. It’s a full-on tablet computer with apps, the Internet, and other content.

Barnes & Noble is using this advancement to their advantage in their newest campaign for their e-reader, the Nook. They’re brilliantly tying together the idea of curling up in a nook (or corner) with a good book and also immersing yourself in your favorite hobby with your Nook.

Creative executions can be seen here.

I think this just goes to show that e-books and e-readers are here to stay. It’s like when people discovered the ease of use of an mp3 player or how to look up something on the web instead of consulting a library book. People will always have their preference for a paperback or and e-book, but e-books and their readers are becoming engrained in our daily lives.

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