Greg Kozera, President & CEO of Learned Leadership and author of multiple books including Learned Leadership and most recently, Just the Fracks Ma’am, shares his experiences of working with Adam Witty and the Advantage team.

“I am Greg Kozera. I’m the President & CEO of Learned Leadership, that’s our company, my wife and I run that. We are from Charleston, West Virginia, and I also do some work, I am also a regional sales manager for another company called Neighbors, that we get involved through with the gas business.

I have published three [books]. One was the Learned Leadership, that was the first one. The second was the Advantage Leadership, that was obviously, all three have been through Advantage and that one,  I was part of I think, ten other authors who were a part of that one. The last one, that is the controversial one, is Just the Fracks Ma’am, again that was published through Advantage.

Adam is right, those books go places we can’t go, but they open doors that we can’t open. I mean literally, there’s folks that I can go to see in Houston, or other, Colorado, and they know me, they don’t even know who I am, they never met me, but they’ve read my book and it’s opened that door.

I go to conferences and people will call me by name, then all of a sudden I realize, oh my God, they’ve read the book, or they read an article which again was spurned by the book or is a spinoff. Incredible stuff, it really is, there is no doubt about it.

Thank God for Adam and the team at Advantage, because the book has allowed us to get that true value. And that’s all it is, good science, good truth, but it’s been incredible.

I had a good experience then, I’ve had other good experiences since then, and the changes that Adam has made since I did the first book in 2007 versus this one now, it’s a major change, but that outlet, that ability, and the other thing, the ability to sit down with a group of editors and have them honestly tell you, you got to do this. This is important, Kozera, you got to get this done. Again, having that, being able to write that outline, and to be able to have, once the outline is done. I have talked to other speakers, that have struggled for months and years to get books out there, to be able to go from here to a book in hand in six months is phenomenal.

My name is Greg Kozera and I am an Advantage Author. Thank you.”

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