Truth be told, videos aren’t just for entertainment anymore. And while you most likely already know that there’s more to video content than pure entertainment, it’s hard to determine just how producing your own video can lead to conversions and transactions for your company.


Different types of videos should be used in your video content strategy, and for good reasons. A new prospect won’t necessarily react the same way as an established customer would when viewing the same video.


Thus, it’s important to branch out in the video content world and start creating quality videos that will generate leads and drive conversions!


Product Videos


Sell your product! B2C companies can generate hundreds, if not thousands, of potential new leads by creating product videos that explain and show off what you’re selling. Beware of videos that are too long though, and make sure to create short videos that feature the main benefits of the product.


“For example, if you have an apparel store, instead of just posting photos, add a video of your model wearing your clothes,” explains Anton Eliasson of Social Media Examiner. “If you offer a service, use video to explain what problem your service solves and how it goes about doing so.”


How-To Videos


It’s a guarantee that somewhere on the landscape of the web, someone is trying to solve a problem with your product. It’s your job as a caring professional to help your customers out and solve what’s wrong with your product.


There are two types of how-to videos: ones that help solve a problem with your specific product, or ones that are basic how-to videos that don’t sell your product (such as how to tie a tie). Both types of videos will become excellent lead generators for new customers (those who watched the basic how to video) and new ones (those who were happy they could solve a problem using your help).


“Videos appear in 52% of Google keyword searches and 82% of them are from YouTube, so remember to optimize your video with keywords for SEO,” explains Eliasson. “Write detailed meta descriptions about your video and add transcripts of your voiceover. Just like with written works, produce great content that inspires people to engage with your videos.”


Create an Engaging Conversation


Video chats are a great way to incorporate live video and being able to personally connect and engage with potential leads. Google Hangouts and Facebook Live are both great, free options. These are a cost-effective method that don’t require expensive software or a lot of setup.


“By using video, chats like Pipeliner CRM’s #SalesEU and the incredibly popular #SbizHour hosted by Millennial CEO, are able to anchor and guide the conversation in a more organized fashion,” explains Guillaume Delloue of HubSpot. “Every week they interview guests on their area of expertise through Google Hangout. Twitter then becomes a kind of live message board for participants to engage with the interview and start their own conversations.”

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