Print Books Still Popular Among American Adults with E-Readers on the Rise

The feeling of a smooth, shiny hardcover jacket in your hands. The smell of crisp paper and fresh ink flipping through your fingertips. The tantalizing anticipation of discovering a story written among the many pages…

A print book. If you prefer to enjoy the unique sensory experiences of reading a print book, rather than an e-book, you are not alone. Contrary to popular belief, many Americans still enjoy reading print books.

In a recent article featured by Pew Internet, although the proportion of Americans reading e-books is growing, few have completely replaced the “tried and true” paperback book.

With the percentage of adults reading e-books rising to 28%, seven in ten Americans still reported reading a book in print within the past year.

Remaining the foundation of American’s reading habits, print books still reign in the literary field. Just 4% of readers are “e-book only.” Over the past year, 76% of adults read a book in some format with an average of 12 books read per person.

After the 2013 holiday season, it was reported that 42% of adults now own tablets and 32% own e-books. Today, 50% of Americans now have a dedicated, handheld electronic device for reading e-content.

Although these numbers will continue to change with recent advancements in modern technology and the popularity of e-books and tablets rising, Americans agree there is no experience similar to reading from a tangible, printed book. 

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