ResolutionsNew year, new you, right? While you hear about traditional resolutions such as losing weight, starting to eat healthy, or quitting smoking, the resolutions that you want to keep are focused on all about building your career and making 2017 your best year yet. Here are five resolutions that will help you live a more fulfilling, happy, and healthy work and personal life.

Read Once a Day

You’re already accomplishing this step by reading this blog post! Reading not only enriches your mind but introduces you to new thoughts and ideas that any CEO or business professional can expand upon at their organization.

“Whether it’s signing up for a blog or reading an academic journal, keeping up with the latest trends in your field will keep you engaged and updated in your field,” says Ashley Stahl, contributor for Forbes Magazine. “Staying abreast of changes and developments in your field will set you apart from your colleagues and demonstrate your commitment to your career.”

Find the Perfect Work/Life Balance

Being a CEO or business owner leads to an extremely busy life. You’re constantly putting in hours at your company, and then forgetting to make time for yourself and your personal aspirations. This might be a resolution you intend to keep year after year, but let’s make 2017 the year you finally take action.

“Here’s a brutal dose of reality for you: You’re never going to get more hours in the day,” says Kat Boogaard, a contributor at “There’s never going to be the perfect time to step away from the computer, put down the phone, and live your life. You just need to make the choice to do it—and do it now.”

It’s going to be hard to shut down, and you’re to find a million reasons as to why you shouldn’t stop working, but ultimately you’re going to have to. This goes for vacation time as well, which many business professionals don’t take enough of.

Work/Life Balance also means taking your vacation time—this goes for your employees as well. According to Hubspot, “In regions where people tend to take more vacation—

like Brazil and Sweden, where paid time off is mandatory—employees tend to bring greater urgency to their work.”

Pursue Your Passion

This goal goes hand in hand with making time for a healthy work/life balance. Finding the time to enjoy your hobbies, interests, and passions is extremely hard to do, but very important to grow yourself as a professional. Instead of cramming your schedule with another meeting, fill your schedule with time slots to pursue your passion.

Sign up for a painting class, join a book club, or take up yoga. Whatever your passion is, sign up now so you can ensure time to fulfill those.

“Remember, happiness and fulfillment outside the office is crucial to feeling also satisfied in your career,” explains Boogaard. “So, leave adequate time for your passions, hobbies, and interests, and you’ll not only survive the new year—you’ll enjoy it.”

Listen to a Podcast

If you haven’t heard already, the podcast industry is booming. Podcasts create a unique way to learn something new, even if you haven’t learned about the subject or are trying to master it, while being able to multitask such as commute to work or clean the house.

Don’t think a podcast is for you? You won’t know unless you try! Keep in mind there are thousands of podcasts out there spanning hundreds of topics. If you want a business podcast, you can find it. Even if you want a specific podcast about film reviews, football, or comedy, there’s a podcast for you.

“Whether you’re looking to become a better marketers or a better cook, chances are, there’s a podcast out there that can help,” says Hubspot.

Raise Your Hand

Many times we’re all guilty of not raising our hand asking for help. We’ve all been at fault of feeling like we’re behind at work, yet no one wants to ask someone to lend a hand. The saying, “You won’t know unless you try” applies here. Unless you ask, you won’t know if a coworker has a light load this week and time to help you out.

“Many of us sense that asking questions about an assignment, for example, will make us look like we weren’t paying attention, or aren’t as smart as our peers thought,” explains Amanda Zantal-Wiener of Hubspot. “But when we don’t ask questions, we’re actually setting ourselves up for failure, by forcing completion of a task without all of the necessary information.”

To avoid this pitfall, start by setting the tone and make your team or employees aware that it’s okay to not know everything, and certainly okay to ask for help. In regards to you yourself asking for help, don’t be afraid— just ask! More often than not, the person you need help from or are wanting to ask is more than happy to lend a helping hand.

You don’t need to stop at these five resolutions, this is just a start! But, by keeping focused on your professional resolutions, you can guarantee a better attitude about your career and learn to love the life you live in 2017.

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