Don’t ‘Write It Off!’ Have you given much thought to writing a business book? Have you written it off as something that wouldn’t serve you, your employees, or your company in any meaningful way? Maybe you don’t see yourself as an author, or think that you lack the necessary writing skills to create something of value.  Maybe a book, in particular, feels irrelevant to your line of work. 

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Some will mistakenly think, for example: I’m a finance manager, not Mark Twain!  What you don’t realize is that you’ve misapplied your understanding of a book, its function, and how it could serve not only you, but your business and your employees in the course of their daily work.

Simply put, the more powerful and visible of a business leader you are, the more leads your business will draw. The easier you can bring in potential customers on the strength of this magnetism, the more clients your employees have to serve and work with – enhancing their own portfolios, keeping them busy, and contributing to the health and prestige of the company at which they’re employed.

Help Your Employees By Driving Leads With A Book

Contrary to what your past assumptions may have been, a book is actually one of the most powerful lead generation and marketing tools available to you as a business leader. Branding yourself, not simply your business, is an enormously undervalued method by which business leaders can expand their reach and establish an imposing presence in their field.

The Founder and CEO of Advantage|ForbesBooks, Adam Witty, built his business not only on the strength of the services we offer, but by promoting his own personal brand and establishing himself as the authority and thought leader in his field. He has written a whopping 9 books, which have enabled him to book innumerable speaking engagements. This, in turn, makes it far easier to draw leads to the company. The function of the marketing and sales teams is to attract and court potential Members. Adam, as the face of the company, is indispensable in this endeavor –  his speaking engagements and books direct people’s gaze to the company, which buoys the company’s sales and marketing efforts.

If Adam were not a published author, who was booking speaking engagements on the strength of his books, the marketing and sales teams would be in a very different position. This has a trickle-down effect. Our Members are the lifeblood of the company – without them to serve our employees would have nothing to do here at Advantage|ForbesBooks! Our Publishing, Member Development, and Design teams would be empty-handed with regard to projects and assignments. Adam is by no means the only lead-driver drawing people to our services – but if he were not a published author and consequent lead magnet, our employees would certainly not be where we are!

Become A Published Author in Your Field With Advantage|ForbesBooks

The same applies to you as a business owner. When you join the Advantage|ForbesBooks family, you begin the journey to authoring a book, which will transform your business, position you as a lead magnet, and turn you into an indispensable factor in your employee’s success, by helping bring in the clients with whom they will work. Apply now to see if you are our next author!

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