Pulse on Publishing: Books Stimulate Your Brain and Business

As a child, one of the first signs of intellectual growth is measured by the ability to read. We are taught that a young mind needs to read to be consistently “nourished” to inspire creativity and imagination. Over the years, reading assists in strengthening a vocabulary and sharpening an aging mind.

We are all lead to believe that reading helps the brain develop, learn and grow. But today, scientists can actually prove it. According to Dianna Dilworth’s article Reading Novels is Good For Your Brain, researchers at Emory University recently discovered that reading a novel can heighten levels of brain activity.

Reading has proven to act as the equivalent of weight lifting for the brain (with a little less sweat involved). Researchers concluded that reading causes a phenomenon of continuous brain activity related to the physicality of a “muscle memory.”

Thanks to modern science, we know that reading can effect our mood, sharpen our memory, help us sleep, ease depression, reduce stress and more. We know that books can scientifically boost personal health. But how can a book influence the health of a business?

Every member of the Advantage Family is committed to personal and professional development, especially through reading. We encourage each other to read books that help us stay knowledgable on the latest trends in business, publishing, marketing and sales. It not only challenges us as individuals, but it aides in our ability to serve our clients best; it’s what we do, it’s who we are.

Whether you want to improve your physical or professional health, a book is an irrefutable and enduring aid.

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