Quality Over Quantity Matters Most, Especially When it Comes to Growing Your Audience

I know you’ve heard this time after time, throughout your schooling, business endeavors, even your personal life. But it’s true – quality over quantity matters.

When coordinating a plan to grow your audience – whether that be via your email subscription list, inbound leads, website visitors, customers or social media followers – the more qualified the prospect, the better. One hundred thousand new subscribers is great – but not when only 10 of them are qualified to target your product or service to.

Consider this – Facebook recently announced a crackdown on fake “likes” to brand pages. For many companies, the number of likes or followers is an indicator of status or popularity – but when you realize that some percent of those likes aren’t real, you quickly learn that the number is not what creates success.

Here are some tips to assess the quality of your current audience that will help you plan to grow your audience further in the future:

  • Data dominates! When asking new leads for information, don’t just ask for first and last name if your business requires a certain income level or geographical location. Knowing this in advance allows you to weed out those who do not meet your bare minimum criteria.
  • Action activates! A visitor that completes actions requested of them – following a link, completing a form, engaging on other levels – indicates the level of participation they’re willing to have with your company, the connectedness of your relationship already.
  • Sharing sells! As a professional, you know that some of your best marketing results can come from your current clients and customers. When you see a current client sharing your story or product, you know you have a raving fan on your side, an ally.

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