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Advantage Media Group presents: Author Success University

This month we feature Advantage author Chris Ruisi.

Thursday, August 1st – 4pm ET


On this complimentary Author Success University teleseminar, you will learn:

==> How to create the ultimate book launch party to generate buzz before the book’s release

==> How your book and book sales can help support your charity of choice

==> How your book is the ultimate business card

==> And so much more!

About Our Guest:

Chris Ruisi is a nationally recognized executive coach and leadership expert, professional speaker, and author who challenges business leaders to step up and play big. Drawing on his 35+ years as a senior level executive on the corporate front lines, Chris helps his clients to discover how to find and use the full measure of their capabilities.
Chris draws upon his real life experience as the former President and COO of USLIFE Corporation and as a member of the office of the Chairman and the Board of Directors, where he also served as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. Using this wealth of knowledge, he helps his clients to develop the practical skills and solutions necessary to navigate the risks and demands of the current economic climate. He has offered advice and guidance to CEO’s; other C Level executives; entrepreneurs and the several Boards of Directors on which he has served.


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