Remembering Zig Ziglar, Motivational Speaker, Salesman and Author

As we mourn the death of an incredible mind – motivational speaker, salesman and author Zig Ziglar – I can’t help but recount the many times I’ve referenced his books or referred to a notable quote to build motivation and strength for myself and my surroundings. In fact, a copy of Ziglar’s 2003 title, Selling 101: What Every Successful Sales Professional Needs to Know, sits on my desk as I write this.

The impact he had on the world, from businessperson to individual knowledge seekers, is everlasting. It is great minds like Ziglar’s who inspired me, very early in my career, to encourage professionals to take their stories, passion and knowledge, and share them with the world. In his famous words, “You see, you can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

To Zig!

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