People approaching you, asking to be your client…

Unexpected articles on you and your business in The New York Times

An invitation from Facebook to speak at their event.


Unexpected opportunities, customers coming from every direction, and increased income. This is exactly what restaurant owner, Misty Young, has experienced since becoming an Advantage author.

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“My book opens the door to so many opportunities. As soon as people realize that I have written a book, I am immediately set up as an expert…even an expert worthy of getting a phone call from Facebook asking me to talk about my experience with their product. There have been times when I’ve had my book with me at an event, or even in a restaurant. If I have it out, people swarm saying things like: ‘You’re an author?’ ‘You wrote a book?’ ‘Wow!’”

Misty and her husband started with one restaurant and turned it into a thriving business with four locations. As other restaurant owners saw her success, they would ask for advice, which Misty freely gave. She enjoyed helping others so much; she decided to become a coach. Misty felt a book would could a springboard for her new coaching business.

“I kept getting asked the same questions from other restaurant owners. And I realized that if I wanted to grow a business of any kind helping others, it would be best if I started with platform where all of the many questions that I get asked on a regular basis could be addressed in one place. Then I could go from there and expand on that.”

Misty published her book, From Rags to Restaurants: The Secret Recipe, with Advantage|ForbesBooks. The results have been everything she hoped for, and much more. And she believes there is a secret ingredient to her success.

“A book is for the reader. When you’re writing your book, you’re thinking about the value you can bring to the reader. That’s how you get success as an author. After you’ve given readers something of value through your book, they’ll come back to you saying, ‘Can we have a coaching relationship? Can you do a consultation for me? Can you speak at this event?’ All of these things have happened to me, which is why it’s been so exciting, fun, and thrilling to be an author and share value.”

Giving Value Creates Value

The value that Misty shares in her book has returned to her, many times over. One way is in free publicity. Misty has appeared in several print publications, including the New York Times. She has also had several interviews on radio shows in the U.S. as well as in Australia and the U.K.

Thanks to her book, Misty also landed an in-depth interview with Kate Rogers on After that interview, she was profiled as an American Success story on Fox Business News with Charles Payne. Then, she was profiled in Business News Daily.

The spin-offs and benefits from this free publicity continue to grow. As Misty says, “The book also helped me gain a spot on a panel this summer in Washington D.C. at America’s Small Business Summit, held by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. I was an invited guest of The Hartford at the event, and have subsequently been hired to write for their blog in a partnership with the AARP.”

In addition to partnerships like this, the book has generated new clients for Misty’s coaching business. In one case, a current coaching client had followed her on message boards and forums, before Misty became an author. After her book was published, he contacted her saying that he wanted coaching assistance because he realized “she really was the expert she appeared to be.”

Misty also carries copies of her book with her, especially when traveling. She gives them to restaurant owners telling them, “Look, I’ve been exactly where you’re at. I’ve had that elephant of stress sitting on my chest. But I discovered and perfected the five irrefutable laws of restaurant success. They’re right in the book, in Chapter 4. Take this book, and then tell me if these don’t work for you.” Without fail, Misty will get a callback from most recipients, thanking her for the book. Better yet, many go on to become coaching or consulting clients.

Misty also uses her book to solidify business ventures and partnerships. When she and her husband decided to open a fifth restaurant, she needed to arrange financing and finalize a location. When she met with potential investors and landlords, each received a signed copy of her book. Misty was thrilled with what happened next: “For them, getting my book was very exciting. But it also helped us nail the deal where we were able to leverage $170,000 worth of investment money and tenant improvement money to open our fifth restaurant. I’m literally opening another restaurant and I have not personally spent a dime to do it. Not one dime.”

Misty and her family recently decided to franchise their restaurant business. The book played a vital role in obtaining her first franchise. Misty notes that the one of the first things she gives to an interested franchisee is her book. “I can say, here’s who we are, how we operate, and why we’ve been successful. Here’s why your franchise will be successful. It’s all in the book. And it’s given the company, not just me personally, but the company a level of assurance and success that other people would find difficult to attain. They didn’t write the book on restaurant success, but I did.”

To top it all off, Misty has found yet another way to generate income. She has created five teleseminars using chapters right from the book. The teleseminars provide people with information on products that she uses to build her business. If they buy the product at the end of the teleseminar, Mindy receives a cut as an affiliate. “One teleseminar offers the loyalty program that I have successfully used in my businesses to build an in-house database of over 82,000 people. They get an offer for this incredible loyalty program and bingo, they become a client, and I have a new source of passive income. I love it!”

Going Beyond Increased Income

For Misty, her book has been a very worthwhile investment. “With franchising and the development of our fifth restaurant, this book has already more than paid for itself just in terms of business development.” And yet, some of the unexpected benefits of her book have been equally important. For one, Misty noticed a shift in her credibility, with both clients and herself.

“I’m the same person as the day before the book came out and the day after the book came out, but the perception shift between both where I see myself and where the client, prospective client, landlord, or lender sees me is different. Even if they don’t read the book, they know I’m an author and that just changes their mindset.”

She has also heard from unexpected sources, including a pet behavior company, a non-profit, a gift store, a fire station, and several dental, orthodontic and chiropractic offices. All of these business owners or managers have told Misty that her book is relevant to them, not just to restaurants. As Misty says, “For me, that’s a good feeling, to know that I can help a whole lot of people, not just restaurant owners.” And for Misty, it could mean another book in her future.

How to Write a Book That Grows Your Business

Misty’s book works so well because it’s designed to both share her message and grow her business. This is a specialty of Advantage Media Group. They help entrepreneurs and professionals write and publish books that take businesses to the next level. And their unique Talk Your Book™ program makes writing a book far easier than you may think. “I loved the Talk Your Book process. What I loved was I never felt pressured. I only felt supported and encouraged. And I felt that I had a knowledgeable team that was willing to come together for my success.”

Misty offers this advice to anyone who may be thinking of writing a book, but is hesitating for any reason: “If you know there is a book in you, get it out as fast as possible because you’re just delaying yourself and your own success. And the sooner you do it, the better, because the faster you become an author, the faster you have that credibility platform to stand on, and a story to tell that will help other people and make a difference in their lives. All of those things together are a recipe for success.”

At Advantage|ForbesBooks, we facilitate the process of book publication. We turn business owners into business authors. Taking less than 24 hours of your time, we ghostwrite, design, and distribute a business book—stamped with your name on the cover, brimming with your personal insights—the quality of which rivals the books found on the front tables of Barnes & Noble—guaranteed. To learn more about publishing your very own business book with Advantage|ForbesBooks, contact us today.


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