A Little Spring Cleaning Equals New Leads

home-office-336581_1280Changing up your blog doesn’t mean putting in hours of extra coding work, or needing to hire a web designer to do all the heavy lifting. Simple things such as changing up a font style, or repurposing an old, but popular blog post can give a fresh, exciting look to your company blog. Follow these five easy tips and have a fresh, new blog up that’s sure to draw in more leads!

Freshen Up the Look

A blog’s design can be just as important as what you’re writing about. It needs to be visually pleasing and user-friendly on desktop and mobile platforms.

“Revamp your old blog by changing the look and feel of it,” explains Sadhil Kumar, a writer for All Blogging Tips. “Install a different theme or add new plugins and widgets. If choosing a new theme isn’t affordable, then you can try editing the CSS to bring about some changes in the overall design.”

Be sure to take the perspective of the reader, too. See what it’s like to read a blog from your website, and not just from the backend or behind the scenes of your blog.

Who’s Writing?

When you look at who is writing for your blog, and it’s just a few of you, or worst, just you, then it’s time to switch it up a bit. Think about everyone who works in your company. There are so many voices that can be heard by letting them blog for your website. You can source people from different departments, especially ones that clients might not know much about or interact with often.

Repcap, a Content Marketing company, suggests reaching out to these possible writers, including:

  • Senior leaders who have deep experience in the industry
  • New hires who can share their fresh perspective as relative outsiders to the organization
  • Customer-facing employees who hear about customers’ concerns, questions, and ideas every day

I know there’s more than one person willing to share their side of the story at your business and they’ll probably be flattered that you asked for their contributions!

Switch Up the Type of Content

Are you primarily writing blogs? Have you ever thought about doing a video blog or vlog instead? In content marketing, we know that customers react to different types of content. That same thing goes for blogging.

“Brainstorm different kinds of posts that you and your team can produce, including Q&As with industry experts, mini case studies featuring happy clients, curated content (industry news or articles you’ve read and found helpful), and short videos or interviews with leaders and employees and behind-the scenes looks at how work gets done inside your company,” explains Lee Price, managing editor of Repcap.

Stop Writing Content You Dislike

Do you, or your team, feel stuck and bored writing the same content over and over? Switching up the content you write about is one of the easiest ways to revamp your blog, and put the passion back in your writing.

“Stop writing posts you think other people want to see, when really, they just want posts that aren’t being written with half a heart,” says Nellie and Co., a blogging help website. “To love blogging, you have to love what you blog about, and revamping the types of posts you write revamps your blog brilliantly.”

Rethink Your Old Blog Posts

Running out of ideas and/or time? Repurposing and updating old content is one of the easiest ways to make a big impact on your blog and social networks. Maximize your most popular posts by revamping and putting life back into them.

“We started refreshing our six-year archive of blog posts last year, and it’s a process that we’re always working on,” says Price. “I recommend starting with a content audit—look at all of your historical content and figure out what you’re working with. What’s getting tons of traffic? What’s sitting as dead weight? Which posts could be a lot better with a few tweaks, updated links or new images”

We recently published a blog focused on this idea and five ways you can repurpose your old content. You can find it here

Revamping your blog doesn’t have to take a miracle worker or a web guru. Start by following these five easy steps, and your blog will be on its way to gaining more leads than ever before!

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