john cotton dtpJohn Cotton was a successful Alabama business consultant and strategist when he “stumbled” into working with dentists in 2008. His work proved so popular with the dental community, he knew he had an opportunity to grow this new niche quickly.

The question was…how?

“There are plenty of consultants in the dental industry doing any number of different things. And these consultants are trying to attract the same ambassadors that I’m going for. But to a large extent, they haven’t proven an increase in production, collections, and profit for dental practices, and they haven’t written a book. We have. When you put these two together, it’s easy for us to attract these ambassadors.” In addition to gaining an advantage over other consulting firms, John’s book makes it easy for his ambassadors to share his story with dentists.

“If I have my referral sources and they believe in what we do, how are they going to communicate that to their clients? They could hand them a brochure or a white paper. They could send them to our website. They could do all of that, but a book is perceived as a far greater resource to communicate our value. In reality, a dentist could read some of it, if not all of it. And our value compared to our competitors skyrockets.”

Easy and Effective Ways to Get New Clients

John’s strategy has worked just as he expected and new clients are flowing into the business. “I literally walked into my office this morning to check email, and I had an email from a dentist in Atlanta. I have no idea how the guy found me. Well, I come to find out it was from one of my ambassadors. And this dentist contracted with us to provide his practice with a strategic plan. Just that one incident pays for 500 books.”

Plus, John is using his book in a second strategy to reel in clients. “In all of my businesses, I’ve used speaking engagements as a primary tool to attract prospects and clients. So, we’ve done that in the dental industry, too. I’m doing a speaking engagement at least once a month somewhere.”

However, since publishing his book, John handles these seminars a bit differently. “I give attendees a book and their perception of me and our company just goes through the roof.” Giving his book away makes a big difference. He recently spoke to 12 dentists and their staff. Before his book, he would have expected two to three clients from a group of this size. However, at this seminar, he signed up seven. John believes there is a simple reason for this success. “If you’re dealing with a professional community, as we are with dentists, a book just resonates.”

“North of 1,000% ROI” in only 90 days

With results like these, it’s not surprising that John has seen a significant return on his book investment in only three months. In fact, business has grown so fast, John had to hire two new employees just two months after releasing his book.

He has also delayed the launch of his next revenue stream, a national licensing program for consultants who could use the dental niche as an add-on to their business. John “put it on hold because the business was growing so fast, I didn’t have time to launch the program.”

However, John plans to pull the trigger as soon as they have time to “do it justice”. And he promises, “The book will be a big component to tee up relationships with those other consultants out there.”

By now, you may have noticed that John’s strategies all include giving books away. And he has a very good reason for doing this. “I don’t care if anyone buys my book. If I sell the book on Amazon, I think I make maybe a dollar. If I get a new client, I make $30,000.” When you consider the math, it’s easy to see why John freely shares his books. And it’s all part and parcel to a strategy of letting the book do the heavy-lifting for his business.

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