business growth strategies for sales coachesCompanies centered on sales coaching & training occupy a critical spot in the modern economy, able to take dismal sales figures and send them soaring. A high-caliber sales team propels the growth of a company, but sales coaching is what fortifies and transforms sales teams. Forbes contributor Scott Edinger wrote: “As I continue to write about what separates the excellent from the average sales leader, it didn’t take long to get to the topic of coaching.”

Where ROI is concerned, sales coaching & training companies offer one of the most valuable services on the market. When business owners invest in coaching their sales team, they see sizable returns. That being said, the owner of a sales coaching company already has a force-of-nature sales team on-staff. As a result, they need to look elsewhere when exploring new avenues to business growth.

Here are 4 way that owners of sales coaching companies can grow their business:

1. Create a personal brand to make you more memorable and appealing to your prospects. 

Personal branding means that you package and market yourself as a brand. Your personal brand is distinct from your company but intrinsically tied to it. You already know that branding, and brand consistency, are critical to your company identity. But have you truly paused to consider how you, as the CEO of your company, strategically and methodically present yourself to the world? Are you consistent, memorable, appealing, and concretely defined?

This is the overlooked cousin of corporate branding, but it’s equally important. While corporate brands are impersonal by contrast, personal brands allow you to affix a human face and personality to your company. Walt Disney served as the face of his, and not simply because it bore his name. He maintained a public persona that embodied the value and spirit of the brand he created, giving Disney a thoroughly human appeal that endures to this day. In all his abrasive brilliance, Steve Jobs, as the face of Apple, symbolized its unflinching commitment to perfection. Bill Gates communicated the soft-edged genius that was Microsoft.

Personal branding makes a company more accessible to consumers and investors alike. Celebrities cultivate personal brands by default and enjoy such success because they have well-honed public personalities. This leads us to feel like we know them, and we become more likely to buy their products and purchase tickets to their films. Even as a sales coach, personal branding also allows you to cultivate a sense of ‘celebrity.’

To cultivate a personal brand, begin by purchasing your name as a domain ( Hire a team to craft a stunning website to show your sales coaching in action. Choose personal brand colors and design a logo, the same way you would for your corporate brand. Keep these consistent across all your marketing materials. Think about what you want to concretely convey about yourself to prospects and turn these into the core values or mission that your personal brand espouses.

Ultimately, you’re promoting yourself in a clear, uniform way. When people buy your sales coaching services, they’re buying you. The more appealing and authoritative you appear, the better chance you will have with prospects. Authority is the chief element you want to convey about your personal brand. Above everything else, it should show prospects that you are the unquestionable expert on sales coaching. Advantage|ForbesBooks offers a suite of Authority-building, personal branding services to its Members. Learn more here or contact us.

2. Publish a book to establish yourself as the Authority on sales coaching 

A book is the ultimate competitive advantage, and is part and parcel to the creation of your personal brand. A book lets you broadcast your story and insights, but most importantly: it lets you broadcast your value proposition to a limitless audience. Once your ideas and value proposition are captured in a book, it becomes a lead generation tool, allowing leads to find you without you having to lift a finger. It can also be leveraged to help you obtain speaking/media engagements.

Writing a book elevates your professional standing. No longer just another player in the field, you become the person who “wrote the book on it.” That’s objectively tough for your competitors to beat and hard for your prospects to pass up. Writing a book on sales coaching will differentiate you and raise your public profile in a way that even the most aggressive marketing campaigns cannot. Interested in publishing a book on sales coaching? Learn more here or contact us.

3. Quiz marketing

Create a quiz or assessment that lets companies gauge the quality of their sales team. Work with your colleagues to define a set of questions that probe the key performance indicators of a sales team. Assemble 3 or 4 multiple choice answers to accompany each question, and devise a scoring system that sorts quiztakers into 3 or 4 categories. Make sure their name, company, and email address are required fields on the quiz form in order for them to see their score.

When they submit their information, you now have their information, creating an immediate potential lead, and you’ve supplied them with valuable information free of charge. Furnishing value to potential customers is an excellent way to establish credibility and create name recognition for your company. This model, referred to as “Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook” by author Gary Vaynerchuk, is practiced by huge players like Google, Facebook, and Snapchat. Something of value is provided free of charge to consumers, giving these companies the eventual leeway to monetize their user base.

4. Book speaking engagements at industry conferences  

This, too, ties into the endeavor of personal branding and cultivating an air of Authority around yourself. Speaking engagements allow you to get up on stage before a targeted audience (at a strategically selected conference) to express your insights, ideas, and the value of your offering in an organic, engaging way. The very act of speaking conveys to your audience that you were chosen above others to take to the stage and educate people on sales coaching. In fact, you’re already at an advantage here on account of your likely skill in the realm of speaking, because of your sales expertise. Public speaking on the topic of sales coaching is a lot like coaching and training itself, only to an even wider audience and more promotional in nature. When you speak, you have the potential to turn every audience member into a lead. And if you get the speech professionally filmed, you have dynamic video content for the creation of your personal brand website. It all ties together.

Landing speaking engagements is not always easy. It will be an extreme credit to your case if you affiliate yourself with a respected brand when you become a speaker. ForbesSpeakers, for example, was formed to provide a platform for speakers to align themselves with the Forbes brand and broaden their access to speaking opportunities. To learn more about becoming a ForbesSpeakers Member, visit

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