Social Media Marketing as an Effective Small Business Marketing Strategy

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube… you’ve heard of them all. Whether you have “Liked” a photo, watched a witty video or re-Tweeted a thought-provoking quote, you have utilized a social media platform. Today, social media is not just for catching up with friends or staying current with events. Social media is one of the most innovative mediums for small business marketing online.

According to, there are 1.15 billions Facebook users, 500 millions Twitter users and over 238 million LinkedIn users! As free services, these platforms present a space to promote and market your small business. Internet marketing is an effective and cost efficient way to capture the right leads. Promoting your business on one, or all of the social media channels, generates a greater web presence. This is essential in gaining higher exposure within your field and stimulating business.

Below are some examples of how to utilize Facebook and Twitter to generate engagement and potential leads:


    • Does your company offer a demo or trial of your product? Is a Discovery Call required to gauge if a prospect’s needs match your services? Include your form to request a demo, trial or call on your Facebook page and refer to it in your messages. This will drive additional inbound leads while making it easier for prospects to get in touch with you, wherever they are.


    • If you’re in the business of providing professional services, no matter the industry, you’ve likely had clients come to you for solutions to their problems. The solutions you provide can be valuable pieces of information to attract the appropriate clientele. Why not host a live chat via Twitter, using a hashtag that is relevant to your topic? Additionally, there are several regular chats on Twitter that you can join as a leader in your field. Both practices will drive awareness and opportunities to capture new leads and prospects.


Still not sure where to begin? As a small business marketing can seem daunting and overwhelming. However, taking steps to strategically market your business can be the difference between business as usual and business success. Be on the lookout for more small business tips from our business to yours.Don’t forget to follow us online! Find Advantage Media Group on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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