Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: If your business does not have a presence on these major social media platforms, you are practically nonexistent. Curious new customers rely on social media to become fully informed about a product or service before they decide to purchase. For a business, consumer reviews or testimonials and an up-to-date profile are important in creating a strong social media presence. Maintaining your online profiles and keeping your platforms active is not an easy task, yet, in the end you can use these free services to grow your business exponentially:

1. Futuristic Five Star Service: Most companies now use their social media platforms to handle customer service inquiries. Customers enjoy the ease of contacting a company directly and receiving a response instantaneously. This is an efficient way to solve a problem for both the business and the user. Twitter has become one of the more popular customer service platforms, since consumers can tweet at companies and call items directly to the corporation’s attention.

2. Promote then Prosper: Social media provides a platform to offer multiple promotions to unique audiences. For new and current consumers, advertising a coupon code, deal, or sale helps generate a buzz around a brand. By providing something of value, a business not only gains new consumers, but strengthens old relationships. Social media outlets also provide the ability to target specific audiences. Businesses should learn to reach their ideal customer through their preferred platform. This allows businesses to get an inside look into what their consumers are talking about, which is invaluable to any growing company.

3. Connect to Collaborate: Businesses should utilize multiple social media platforms to engage other companies. Relationships and collaborations can be easily formed through simple and strategic efforts. Together, companies can promote each other’s services and establish affiliate relationships. LinkedIn provides the ideal platform for professionals to build these relationships and discover new business ventures.

Overall, businesses should utilize their social media platforms to educate leads, develop trust with prospects, and engage their current customers. By identifying your ideal customer’s challenges, hobbies, and interests, your business can foster conversations to ultimately expand your outreach and grow your audience. No matter the size of your company, social media should be a vital piece of your marketing and sales plan.


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