Social Shopping: One Tweet at a Time

On Monday, Amazon and Twitter announced a partnership that provides users with one of the most innovative ways to shop online. The feature, which serves as the newest platform for social shopping, allows a user to add products to their Amazon cart by simply replying to a tweet containing the product link with the hashtag #AmazonCart.

The powerhouse pairing will help publishing companies determine if Twitter is a lucrative platform to sell books. The feature promises to allow authors to track how many users have added a book to their shopping cart via a tweet. Newly attainable sales data will provide further insight into the effectiveness of social media product campaigns, specifically those that incorporate Twitter. The partnership will even allow authors and publishers to more closely track how their book is being discovered online.

Businesses in general will directly benefit from the #AmazonCart feature as a marketing opportunity, since consumer impulse purchases will be broadcast to their followers. The reinforcement of a personal recommendation or word-of-mouth review from a fellow shopper remain the most persuasive elements in terms of the discovery of new products, particularly books. What was once a private shopping experience, has now been made into an opportunity for users to publicize on social media channels. Although the feature is currently limited to the U.S. and U.K. (#AmazonBasket), the platform shows promise to expand.

Interested in setting up #AmazonCart? First, make sure your Twitter account is set to public, then follow these easy steps and start shopping!

1. On your profile, go to “Your Account”

2. Scroll down to the Personalization section

3. Select “Your Social Settings”

4. Connect your Twitter account

After making the connection, any time someone tweets an Amazon product link, you can reply back with #AmazonCart and the item will be automatically added to your cart. Once successfully tweeted, you will get a reply from Amazon either confirming the successful addition to your cart, or letting you know the item is out of stock.

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