Stuck in a creativity slump? Having a hard time concocting your next big idea? Step away from the electronic devices, pick up a pencil and paper, and resort to these more traditional techniques:

  1. Write it out. Writing concepts out by hand allows your brain to slow down and comprehend thoughts more deeply. People who handwrite understand their content more thoroughly, as opposed to those who type out ideas loosely. Handwriting is unique to every person and adds a personality that cannot be found in digital font.
  2. Doodle in color. Sketching is a useful skill for any business professional. It serves as a way to take notes and remember key facts. Using colored pencils or pens can help to further highlight important points. When team members were forced to draw solutions to problems, instead of written suggestions, the general sketches were found to encourage creative momentum. In turn, doodled, vague images force the brain to think in a state of generation as opposed to judgment.
  3. Flip through the pages. Studies have shown that people retain more of what they read if they read it in paperback form. Today, many books are read from a Kindle, iPad, or other electronic device. The process of flipping through the pages serves as a sensory offload and gives the mind a visual sense of progress.
  4. Schedule ideals. Laying out your perfect week or month on a paper calendar gives you a clearer view of your priorities. Not only is a written calendar easier to decipher, it gives you a better sense of how to prepare and utilize time more efficiently.
  5. Post on Post-Its. These handy squares are colorful, cost effective, and useful. Use them to split up tasks for the day into different categories dependent on priority or time required. The small size of the Post-It only allows for bite-sized chunks of information, which makes tackling your to-do list that much easier.

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