Have you ever been in the middle of reading a business book and thought to yourself, “I could have written this!”? Maybe the author comes to a conclusion that isn’t all that different from what you’ve been using in your own work for years. And yet, this author is seen as the authority in the subject – not you.

But every time the thought of authoring a business book crosses your mind, you think about the work it would take to actually sit down and write it, or the fear of being rejected by traditional publishers. Perhaps you imagine that the author has something special that you just don’t.

The truth is, it’s easier than ever to write and publish a business book. You don’t need special talents or some sort of writing magic. But you do need a partner – a person or an organization that knows the publishing industry and can guide you through the process of not only writing, but also promoting books throughout the world.

That’s where hybrid publishing comes in. The hybrid publishing model gives you, the author, some building blocks by which to create, publish, and promote your business book. It takes some of the burden off of your shoulders while giving you the basic tools you need to get started.

Since we’re getting down to the basics, let’s talk through the ABCs of writing a business book. Here are a few of the steps we’ll take together.

A – Author a business book

When we talk to potential authors about how we work together, it usually surprises them to know that we can actually help them write the words of their book, without a huge investment of their time. Authoring a business book really doesn’t take as long as you think! Our Talk Your Book® and Ghostwriting programs have helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs, and professionals create a book in less than a day. Requiring as little as 24 hours of your time, we can create and publish a beautiful book that rivals the quality of any book found on the front table of major bookstores.

B – Build leadership credibility

Authority marketing is one of the big buzzwords in this space, but the meaning behind it rings true. Building your authority and credibility as a leader in your industry is one of the best marketing tools you can have. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: When you’re competing in a crowded marketplace, industry, or community, it’s all about the influence you and your business control.

C – Create a post-publishing plan

When your book is published, it’s time to pop the champagne, right? Well, yes, and we certainly do that because publishing a business book is worth celebrating. But the work doesn’t end when your book is published. We work with our authors to create a long-term marketing and promotion plan for their book, keeping their specific targeted customers in mind. You don’t have to do it on your own. After all, becoming the authority and gaining the trust of your customers are our goals, too.

If you’ve ever thought about writing a business book, how do you know if it’s something you should pursue? Start with our assessment. It’s a simple way to get some direction and start thinking about your goals.

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