The Blueprint for Business Book Success

1,760,981: The number of books in the Business & Money category that are currently available on  With catchy titles promising to solve team issues, provide top leadership secrets, and create a bigger impact on the world, it is nearly impossible to stand out in such a crowded audience. How will you convince leads to read your book and become loyal customers? We believe it comes down to these three main insights:

1. Be Bold. The most successful business book titles reflect modern anxieties and promise to solve them, using a unique solution or strategy. The shorter and more impactful title, the better. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries. Customers WILL judge your book by its cover. Utilize a graphic designer to ensure the end product is professional and modern. Employ an editor to help provide a catchy title and back cover copy.

2. Follow a Framework. The overall structure of your book should relate to the title’s “claim.” Each chapter or section should reinforce the main idea and continually address the central topic. Develop the structure prior to writing, not during. Readers can often detect when the author adds “fluff” to the book, which decreases the overall quality. Limit each section to a single concept, allowing for the conclusion to summarize the major concepts that were previously discussed. Explore the idea of making your overall message into a catch phrase or acronym that the reader can easily recall.

3. Keep it Clean. Entrepreneurs and CEOs already have minds that are full of other ideas, stressors, and concepts. Therefore, your book should aim to be as easy to decipher as possible. Create a concrete path for readers to follow. Use examples that are modern and relatable. Case studies and how-to’s are the most influential sources when supporting a theory or new concept.

Business books should appeal to their target audience in every aspect. Remember that elegant design, simple and informative structure, and easy to implement strategies appeal to professionals… in any industry.

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