It’s a simple, fundamental business principle: the more doors a business opens, the more people will walk through those doors and become customers. But, most business owners often wonder how they can grow their business year after year, instead of reaching a plateau like many do. Authority Marketing® helps CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners around the world set up their business and themselves up for hyper growth by utilizing the building blocks of Authority Marketing.

The true definition of Authority Marketing is the strategic process of systematically positioning a person or an organization as the leader and expert in their industry, community, and marketplace to command outsized influence over all competitors. To put it more simply, by creating a deliberate plan that is executed over time utilizing the building blocks of Authority Marketing, you’ll command outsized influence over all competitors and be propelled into business growth.

When you’re competing in a crowded marketplace, industry, or community, it’s all about the influence you and your business possess over your competition to magnetically pull prospects. By now you’re probably eager to learn about the building blocks of Authority Marketing, so let’s dive in!

Branding and Omnipresence

The first step in building your authority is to have a larger-than-life brand and be everywhere. Your brand consists of your logo, look and feel, color palette, website, and collateral materials. After you have your brand, you utilize omnipresence to deploy those assets to be featured in the appropriate places.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is important for building your authority status. Why? Because authorities are constantly publishing useful content for their potential and current customers. Content should be published and repurposed in different forms and sizes, including articles, books, blogs, podcasts, white papers, and more.


Authorities have a following of true fans, and command influence. Authorities also leverage their loyal following by hosting online and in-person events. Examples of these types of events include tele-seminars, webinars, seminars, bootcamps, talks, and workshops.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is all about converting leads and doing more business with them once they become customers. To grow your business, you’re going to need to attract new customers! Authorities use their expert position to become a magnet and generate qualified leads online and offline.

PR & Media

One of the fastest ways to build credibility for yourself or your organization is to be interviewed and featured in the news. Radio, television, print, and online are just a few examples. When potential customers see “As Seen On/In”, it immediately builds confidence and trust.

Referral Marketing

People don’t always believe what you say about yourself, but they will trust what others say about you. This is key when it comes to referral marketing—the strategic way to leverage your authority position to engage satisfied customers to facilitate introductions to their friends and colleagues.


Speaking is the final building block or pillar of Authority Marketing. If you can land a speaking spot at a talk or conference, you are automatically seen as an authority by the audience. Speaking can create income streams for you and your business through speaking fees, product sales, and leads generated from the audience you spoke to.

The power of Authority Marketing is the product of deliberate actions to position yourself using the building blocks we’ve mentioned above. Curious to see how your current authority status stacks up? Take our Authority Assessment. You don’t have to spend years and years trying to grow your business when you can use Authority Marketing. Simply put, authority can be, and often is, manufactured.

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