The Sky’s the Limit with In-Flight Catalogs

Keep in mind the fact that the majority of people who fly are more affluent than most. If your book is business-related, motivational, or is a self-help book, you will want to read this article or risk forfeiting a great promotional opportunity.

How’s this for numbers? Sky Marketing provides product samples each year to:

  • 75 million airline passengers
  • 16 million car rental customers
  • 12 million hotel guests
  • 6 million cruise line passengers

That’s a huge market!

How about this market? SkyMall facts:

  • SkyMall distributes 5 million catalogs each year via major airlines, the LodgeNet hotel interactive system, and their website.
  • Over 1 million airline passengers are exposed to SkyMall each and every day.
  • SkyMall’s average order is $100.
  • Executive Book Summaries, Nightngale-Conant, Successories, and Entrepreneur Start Up Guides have all advertised their published products in SkyMall.

Consider all of the possible readers, new clients and customers you could be missing not considering this promotional opportunity.  When it comes to book-marketing potential, the sky’s the limit!

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