No matter which method you chose to publish your book, as the Author, you are your own best marketer. Follow this three free and easy tricks to maximize your book’s exposure to your target audience.

1. Digital Recycling 

Create a digital version of your book. With an ebook, customers can download your publication in a single click. The ease of use appeals to many readers and allows you to access a larger market. Kindle Direct Publishing provides a comprehensive guide to help you format and market your Kindle book.

2. The Amazon Advantage

Does your book have a complete page on Amazon? Have you filled out the book’s description and details, as well as tags that relate to the genre? If not, you are missing out on free advertising! Tags help your book show up in searches when people look for items that are similar to yours.

Don’t forget reviews! Encourage friends, family members and colleagues to read your book and leave reviews. Shoppers look to see what others think of books, so the more raving reviews, the better!

3. Befriend Bloggers

Bloggers review books. Find several respected bloggers to read your book so they can introduce your work to their followers. Offer them a free copy to review and ask that they share some feedback. Aim to find bloggers who cover topics that relate to your target audience or overall message.

Social media is also another way to find customers. Begin the conversation about your book, even before it is released! The bigger the buzz, the more readers you are bound to acquire.

Looking to take your book marketing to the next level? At Advantage we offer a full variety of marketing services with our Book the Business program. Your ROI Guide helps you craft and implement a plan to grow your business with your book by designing a custom Roadmap to Revenue™.

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