Writing a bookYou are finally ready to start writing your book, but have you thought ahead?! I mean really thought ahead. Once your book project is complete, the real work begins: marketing and PR.

Effective book marketing relies on defining the success you envision for your book. By documenting your goals and outlining how you plan to achieve them, your strategy can become a reality. Ask yourself these three questions to ensure for a practical and sustainable book marketing strategy:

What expectations do you have for your book? This is where you need to get totally honest about your biggest hopes and dreams. If you want to become a New York Times best seller, do you know what you need to achieve? Have you done your research? Do you know which authors are on the current bestseller list? There’s nothing wrong with shooting for a bestseller, but if you hope to accomplish this you need to know what it takes. If you plan on using your book to grow your business, do you have the proper social media platforms and marketing collateral created? Do you have a predefined media strategy in place? How will you publicize the book to current clients or new referrals?

Who is your target market? How involved are you in the writing community? Are you in-check with other authors in your genre? Take any experiences and background knowledge you have and use them to form your own strategy to appeal to your target market. Determine where and to whom you would like to publicize your book. The community you associate with now may one day be a driving force behind promotion of your future book.

What is your media and PR strategy? This is a huge part of your publicity outreach and requires time and research. Research books that are similar to yours and discover what media strategy works best for them. Seek out clients and friends who would be willing to write reviews about your book on Amazon or other platforms. Pay attention to media outlets that may be interested in reviewing your book. If you feel like you cannot tackle this process alone, consider hiring a freelance publicist to help you achieve your desired results.

As an author, your book is an extension of yourself and your personal brand. By considering how you are going to portray your finished product to the world, a predetermined strategy created in advance of your book’s publication, will keep you on track for success.

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