Always think ahead. Whether you are three months from publication or still compiling your manuscript, the plan to market your book can never be prepared too far in advance. Take these top three tactics into account when marketing your book to your target audience:

1. Leverage Content Utilize blog posts, podcasts, social media, videos, or other multimedia channels to distribute valuable information. Use this free content to build an audience and gain clients. Provide value. Don’t charge, don’t ask… just build leverage. Hook your audience with your free content that focuses around the topics in your book. Aim to create content that attracts the consumers you want to target. Create a buzz around your brand AND book.

2. Keep It Personal Want to share your book with the world? Think again. Sharing the good news about your  book should be done on an individual basis. Don’t mass email your list of contacts and expect support, let alone a response. Instead, take the time to personalize each email and salutation. Your contacts will appreciate the extra thought and consideration that you put forth. Your effort will not go unnoticed.

3. Get To Know the Market Do you know what the best platform is to reach your target audience? If not, it’s time to do some research. Assess your market and discover where your audience “lives.” Knowing this will save you time and money on future marketing efforts. Determine which venue, channel, or platform can get you the biggest return on your investment. Keep in mind, “quality over quantity.” Explore channels that are cost effective and easy to access.

Always have a plan to market your book. Maintain a goal of attracting your ideal audience in the most direct and cost effective methods. Seek out your customer and provide them with valuable content. Before you know it they will be ready to read your book and begging you to publish a second.

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