Most people think of LinkedIn as being the social media platform to use when connections from human resources view are needed. Searching for talent, learning more about their background and scouring for references are all ways in which LinkedIn has proven to be successful. Today, though, LinkedIn is being increasingly appreciated for its rightful place as part of a savvy company’s marketing strategy. 

Boost Thought Leadership Capabilities

When a business establishes itself as a thought leader within its industry, its views are taken to be both influential and authoritative. One of the best ways of establishing thought leadership is for a business to use its LinkedIn profile for that purpose.

First, it’s important that the business’ profile is complete. According to the social media site, such a profile is 40 times more likely to appear in search results than one that the average. 

LinkedIn provides a suite of built-in features, filters and parameters that enable a company to refine its marketing campaign so that its messages are most effective. The ability to both define this messaging and tweak it is almost limitless. 

Generate More Leads

At its heart, any marketing strategy is designed to generate more leads and, in turn, better profits. Because LinkedIn has more than 630 million business professionals from around the world on the site, it’s the ideal place to harvest more leads for business growth. 

The people who are on LinkedIn are there for a focused purpose. As such, they have a completely different mindset than one would find on a different social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

It’s no surprise that LinkedIn is the number one lead generation platform in the world since everyone from up-and-coming startups to global leaders seek to connect with the thought leaders, influencers and other important business people of today and the future. 

Engage with Versatility

Just about everyone who uses LinkedIn is there for a specific purpose. This might be to make connections within their industry, to learn more about a trend or to research an idea to determine if there is a gap that can be filled. Using a range of different types of material can help a particular business appeal to them—regardless of what they hope to accomplish while they’re on the site. Infographics, videos, groups and blog posts are just a few of the diverse and versatile methods that businesses can use to both capture and keep a busy professional’s interest. 

The take away from this is that if a business isn’t fully engaging with LinkedIn to build relevant connections, boost its reach and highlight its ideas, then this valuable resource is going to waste. Whether a business uses a content strategy that focuses primarily on organic methods, paid methods or a combination of both, using LinkedIn’s built-in resources needs to be an integral part of the plan. In order to get the most from the social media site, though, it’s important to develop a goal-oriented LinkedIn strategy for the best results. 

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