Using The Marketing Triangle for a Winning Book Marketing Plan

Why do so many authors see marketing as such a difficult animal to tame?  Why do so many authors dislike marketing altogether?  It’s simple…they just don’t understand it. In order for your book to be successful, you must have a winning book marketing plan. Marketing is one of the easiest functions of any business to understand but one of the most difficult to implement.  Let’s take a moment to understand marketing.  It is as simple as a triangle, which has three sides:  message, market, medium.


Simply put, this is what you have to say.  This is the purpose when you publish your own book. Your message must be compelling and force your readers to pay attention although they had no predisposition to do so.  It can’t be bland.  If your marketing message is bland, you might as well close up shop and go home because all efforts are for nil.


This is your target audience.  This is who your message is for.  A lot of writers make mistakes here.  They have a great message but it is being broadcasted to the wrong market.  Know what that means?  No one is listening.  You must target your market.  Be focused and stay tightly defined on your market.  Answer this question:  Who is the target reader of my message?  If you say “everyone” I may just have to scream.  Loudly.


This is the channel you use to communicate your message to your market.  Mediums come in a wide range (which is good, it gives you many means to use simultaneously) from television, infomercials, internet, email, pop-up ads, blogs, press releases, radio, newspapers, direct mail, magazines, door hangers, etc.  One of the big marketing realms of the internet now is social media marketing.  It is fast becoming the way to go and includes mediums such as podcasts, videos, forums, RSS feeds, Facebook pages, etc.  The possibilities of the online marketing arena are endless.  There are literally hundreds of online and offline marketing mediums available.

All three angles of the marketing triangle go hand-in-hand.  Think of the marketing triangle as a three-legged stool.  If just one leg is missing, the entire stool falls because without all three, it cannot stand.  Unless all three legs of your book marketing plan are solid, your marketing triangle will be ineffective and will take a fall.

The marketing triangle ties directly in with your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).  With that being said, remember that every book, product, service, or aspect of your business can have its own USP…making your marketing triangle different for every aspect.  Start with your book first.  Make it the cornerstone of your business and then move on from there accordingly.

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