5 Important Web Content Trends You Need To Know

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When it comes to creating pages and marketing material for the web, one  saying that always rings true is “content is king.” Even as technology has grown and changed, this has been a constant. However, the same content that wowed people when they were using the Lycos search from Internet Explorer back in 2000 simply doesn’t have the same impact for today’s tech-savvy users who mainly get online from their smartphones and tablets. We’ve gathered five of the biggest web content trends of 2017 so that you can make certain your brand is on the up-and-up.

Email’s Modern Role in Content Marketing

Email may seem like a rather outdated approach to marketing. However, it is the one means of contact that has remained consistent from the time the Internet was born until present day. Using email as a funnel, to connect and bring people to your other platforms, is key. However, “spam” messages are not well-received today. Therefore, creating friendly, interesting, and useful messages is important and working with a writer or marketing expert to make your messages pop is vital. Along the same line, make sure you are checking your incoming mail regularly. It may surprise you how many responses you receive.

Live Streaming is the New Video

A couple of years ago, video was a rather new concept, and by utilizing video content you could appear fresh and modern. However, live-streaming is THE new thing. Platforms like Periscope, Instagram, and even the old standby Facebook have made it easy for you to “go live” and connect with your audience in a truly exciting way. Live streaming is one of the best ways to connect when you want a response. Check out a few live streams from the big guns in your industry or a similar field and see how many likes, comments, and shares they get. I assure you, you will be amazed.

Paid Influencers

Social media has taken over, with no plans of slowing down. If you are just trying to get set up and establish a foothold in traffic on a social media platform, how can you make sure you will be seen? An easy and affordable way to do this is to take advantage of paid influencers. Unlike static “banners” or ads, a paid influencer is a live person who utilizes his or her social media pull to get your name out there. Working with an influencer can be daunting at first, but in reality—it’s easy. You can build up that traffic you need and create a social media juggernaut of your own.

“For every dollar marketers spend on influencer programs, they receive an average of $9.60 in earned media value (EMV) according to RhythmOne’s Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report and Guide,” explains Inc.com. “That’s a pretty impressive ROI, and often worth extra time spent researching, negotiating, and working with influencers.”

Mobile Traffic Has Higher Traffic than Desktop

The tide has been turning this way for quite some time, but it’s official: Mobile traffic is higher than desktop traffic for web search and browsing. What does this mean for you as a marketer or business owner? It’s time to take down that outdated website and create something that will have an impact on mobile devices. Creating content for mobile isn’t that difficult, it’s just a matter of streamlining and simplifying. Google has made it easy for you to check out how you are doing too, with its mobile-friendly tool.

“As mobile devices continue to eclipse desktops,” explains Scribble Live, a content marketing software company, “the best way to prepare your content for the vertical screen is to make sure that it’s not only optimized for mobile but also structured for mobile.”

Working with the Auto-Adapting Search Engine Algorithm

In the wild, wild west of the internet, it was relatively easy to rank high on the search engines if you included (or spammed) some keywords and built a ton of backlinks. A few years ago, Google made changes to the algorithm so that this practice didn’t work as well as it used to. With the Penguin and other lines of algorithm changes, the pages that could master SEO in a responsible manner were the ones that succeeded. Each algorithm change meant that certain tactics from before didn’t work and the SEO had to be altered. Now, search engine algorithms are “self-adapting.” This means that there isn’t always a big announcement when something changes, it just does. What does this mean for you? It means good quality content, smart keywords that are included, and NOT spammed, and organic links are always going to succeed, while crazy tactics will not.

“Instead of creating pages and content that are focused on only one keyword phrase,” says Aleh Barysevich from Search Engine Journal, “create pages and content that are focused on one main keyword phrase and the phrases related to that keyword.”

As you can see, the trends that are on point for 2017 are nothing crazy. However, getting on board with them as you create and maintain your content is imperative. By doing this, you can assure long-term success for your business and marketing plans.


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