Why Amazon Should Play Better With Authors

Earlier this week, one author took to his blog to write a letter to the one and only Amazon.com. Recounting his recent frustration over their premature release of the e-book version of his newest title, learn what C.C. Chapman has to say to the book-selling giant.

Amazon, typically a friend to the author, offering services such as Author Central and Amazon Associates, has turned one popular author into an unsure consumer. We talk a lot about trust and communication being key in all of your book marketing and promotional planning. What happened in this story is a lack of communication, on behalf of Amazon, that led to a lack of trust in the company’s ability to service authors, the roots of their business.

From CC-Chapman.com:

“Then, Thursday night I see a tweet from an excited friend saying that Amazing Things Will Happen had appeared on his Kindle. I was completely confused and then checked and sure enough it was on mine as well. A quick look at your site and there it was with a new publication date for the Kindle version of November 6th.

I wish I could say that I stayed calm and cool, but instead I flew into a fit of rage.”

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