Your Book Marketing Plan: Creating a Killer Sales and Media Tip Sheet

The first thing you want to do after your book is published (getting things ready a little before is even better) is get aggressive on marketing it.  Begin by creating a Book Marketing Plan. Any successful endeavor starts with a well though out plan.

Creating an effective sales & media tip sheet is an excellent way to start making your book marketing plan successful.   Make it step one of your plan.  That is what I want to focus on in this article – your sales & media tip sheet.  But first, what on Earth is it?

Simply put, a sales & media tip sheet is a one-paged nerve center for you and your book that includes precise information for you to present to book stores and other retailers that may want to carry your book in their stores.  Tip sheets include the following information about you and your book:

  • Title and Subtitle
  • Author
  • Publisher/Imprint
  • ISBN
  • Retail Price
  • Trim Size (i.e. 5.5” x 8.5” or 6” x 9”)
  • Cover type (i.e. Paperback or Hardcover with Dust jacket)
  • Page Count
  • Publication Date
  • Book Synopsis (not to exceed 175 words)
  • About the Author (not to exceed 100 words)
  • Author’s Hometown (where the author currently resides – this is important for the media)
  • Key Markets (not to exceed 100 words) (i.e. Real Estate Agents, World World II Verterans, etc.)
  • Reviews/Endorsements (not to exceed 100 words or 3 reviews)
  • Marketing Highlights (not to exceed 30 words or 5 highlights) (The publisher and/or author may list key elements to their marketing campaign instead.)

Sales & Media tips sheets generally have three purposes:

  • Your publisher uses the sheet to present your title to retail buyers and pitch them on carrying your book in their stores.
  • The media uses the sheet to quickly access information about a book and its author for reporting and fact-checking purposes.
  • You, the author, use the sheet when contacting book stores or other retailers to schedule book signings.

Oftentimes your publishing company will create for you and provide you with a sales & media tip sheet.  It is usually presented as a 1-paged PDF document.  However, if you are a self-published author you will need to create your own.

Being that retailers and the media will base everything about your book (and you) solely upon the tip sheet, it is super important that it is put together well and professionally designed.  If you are self-published and have to create one yourself, get a professional to help you and follow the guidelines above.  If you do, you will have a killer sales & media tip sheet to help you spread the word when you publish your own book.

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