Marketing Tip of the Week: 7 Things to Consider Before Writing Your Book

Writing a book is a hard enough task as is. It requires time, dedication, focus and commitment to the end product. But before you even begin to conceptualize the book or write the first paragraph, consider these seven things that can make or break the success of your book:

1. Definition of Success
Before you begin your book project, it is important to formalize your definition of success. For some authors, it is most important that their book drive additional revenue streams through physical and digital sales of the book. For others, the book’s success is in it’s ability to open the door to more prospective clients through speaking engagements or press. Whatever your definition of success, it is vital that you establish what this is, share it with all involved parties and always keep it at the forefront of the project.

2. Target Audience
As business people, we understand the importance of knowing your audience. Like any other marketing collateral, your book must be crafted to appeal to your target audience. The last thing you want to do is write a book that is so technical in nature, that really, you’ve lost your audience. You may think this is quite obvious but you’d be surprised by how often this is forgotten in the writing process.

3. Title
Some of you may agree or disagree with this next item, but this follows our previous comment about writing for your target audience. The title of the book is just as valuable as the contents inside its pages. Consider your audience again when crafting the title. The title must be catchy enough to grab the attention of your target market but must also be just as informative and encapsulating as the intent of the book as a whole.

4. Endorsements
In business, some of your best marketing comes from your clients referring their friends, family or colleagues. How do they do this? They openly endorse you and your business based on their experiences with you. Now, why not put a spin on this by requesting endorsements for your book? These endorsements will help validate your book, your company, and ultimately, you.

5. Marketing
It never ceases to amaze me how many times I encounter an author or a book that, with the appropriate marketing plan and channels in place, could have been a greater success than what it was. Let’s go back for a second to the importance of your definition of success. Depending on how you’ve answered this, your marketing tactics may drive sales or help gain exposure, or  book more speaking gigs. Either way, you need to focus just as much effort on your marketing plan as the book itself. Without this, once your book is published, you’ll be sitting, staring at the book, thinking, “now what?”

6. Revenue
While sales may not be your primary goal, revenue has come across your mind at some point in time. At the very least, you’ll likely want to break even with the investment you’ve made in writing, editing, designing and publishing the book. Keep in mind; traditional bookstore sales are not the only way to generate revenue from your book. You can sell to non-traditional outlets like businesses or schools.  You can sell digital copies online through your own website.  You can even pre-sell copies of your book into the agreement you make for your next speaking engagement.

7. Product Line
This last item is essentially an extension of revenue. While you may have begun the book writing process with the goal of publishing a single book, the reality may be that there are supplemental products would really compliment your title. Consider workbooks, whitepapers, audio or video supplements or even a follow-up book. A lot can be done with the content you include in your book – you’d be foolish to leave it at that.

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