Content marketing. If you haven’t invested your time and resources into this newest marketing strategy, you’re missing out. Not only is content marketing the top choice of all marketers, it is proven to be one of the most effective forms of acquiring leads. Content marketing drives brand awareness and customer engagement, but simply publishing media is not enough. As a business, you must define who you want to reach and how you are going to do it. Leverage your current content strategy with these techniques to maximize your marketing efforts:

  1. Identify & Expand. Explore your brand’s personality to discover what type of content attracts your ideal client. Be authentic and credible. Allow the content to strike an emotional chord. Strive for omnipresence across the web.
  2. Get Graphic. Use infographics to increase interest in your content. Graphics tend to go viral across social networks and are easily comprehended by a wider audience. Infographics can be fun, interesting, and engaging. Share your images on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and gain more traction.
  3. Hit Play. Create a video with your content. Get an established and reliable vendor to create a short piece about your text-based content. Ensure the video is top quality and speaks to the viewer. Anything less than the best will hurt your brand’s reputation.
  4. Consistency is Key. As you expand your content into videos and infographics, make sure that your brand stays consistent. Your logo, colors, and text should be the same across all channels. Use a brand book to ensure that each piece follows the standards set forth. Your followers should be able to identify your company by its branding alone.
  5. Create a Perfect Picture. Photos are a great addition to text content, but they need to be properly formatted for the various social media networks. Each channel has different image size requirements that should be followed to achieve the highest impact possible. Edit your photos to look their best. A poorly edited image will immediately discredit your brand.
  6. Backlink. The information you share on the various social media channels should engage the consumer and link them back to your website. In the end, the user should complete a call to action on a webpage that collects their information and converts them into a prospective lead. This will allow your sales team to followup with the lead and initiate further discussion.
  7. Establish a Personality. Leverage your brand on a personal level. Consumers strive to establish a connection with a brand that they can relate to. Give your brand a personality by sharing a quote, story, or image that you enjoy. Incorporate the personal pronouns “you” and “me.” When you create content, refer to yourself as the writer. Thinking of your customers as friends and family will help to establish a deeper bond with potential clients.
  8. Idolize your Audience. The best way to gain exposure on social media? Get your followers to share your content! Post photos or testimonials of clients using your product, visiting your office, or meeting with your team members. Listen to your followers’ needs and wants and address them directly. Highlight your fans and they will become your biggest advocates.

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