Amazon and Goodreads Reinventing Reading

Amazon moves to take over social integration for e-booksellers.

Yesterday it was announced that Amazon had moved forward with the acquisition of social reading service, Goodreads. This move positions Amazon to compete quite nicely with e-reader counterpart, Apple.

According to its website, Goodreads is “the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. Our mission is to help people find and share books they love.” The company launched in early 2007 and now has more than 16 million users, and catalogs an impressive 360 million books.

Amazon VP of Kindle content, Russ Grandinetti, offered this insight into the merger and how it will effect both readers and authors alike:

“Amazon and Goodreads share a passion for reinventing reading. Goodreads has helped change how we discover and discuss books and, with Kindle, Amazon has helped expand reading around the world. In addition, both Amazon and Goodreads have helped thousands of authors reach a wider audience and make a better living at their craft. Together we intend to build many new ways to delight readers and authors alike.”

For additional information on the merger and what this means for you, read on here.

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