andy baileyAdvantage Success Story – Andy Bailey, a serial entrepreneur and founder & head coach of Petra Coach, is a fierce advocate of the “no B.S.” approach. He facilitates corporate planning sessions across the globe, aligning teams around one plan and a shared sense of purpose. However, with no shortage of competitor coaching firms, Andy was keen to do something that would set Petra Coach several tiers above the rest. Through a mutual connection with the Gazelles organization, Andy crossed paths with Adam Witty, the Founder & CEO of Advantage|ForbesBooks. It quickly became clear that publishing a book would powerfully differentiate his brand from the competition.  

“Just as Adam says: by design, you have to ‘be the authority of your industry.’ Having a published book gave me authority over my domain. It also provides my whole team with some level of authority.”

Andy teamed with Advantage|ForbesBooks to write No Try, Only Do, capturing his message of accountability, camaraderie, culture and results. “Having a book allows me to make a statement with my first impression—rather than just having a business card or a brochure, I’m able to tangibly share my story with the people I meet. [It] gave me the opportunity to very concisely tell the historical journey of Petra without fumbling with the words.” Andy explains.

The book’s impact extended far beyond the effect it had on clients. “Prior to publishing a book, speaking engagements were few and far between, and more difficult to book,” he says. “After [becoming] a published author in my field, speaking book cover design hybrid publisherrequests now come from all over, having learned about my message in No Try.”

Additionally, Bailey was able to provide all attendees with a copy of his book. “It’s definitely given me more recognition outside our original realm as well,” he says. “I receive emails from people I’ve never met about having read my book and their takeaways, and those are people I never could have reached prior to being published. After speaking events, people say they came because they read the book. The notoriety and general acknowledgement that’s come with No Try has spanned far beyond my immediate reach.”

Success by the Numbers:

  • 4X increase in speaking inquiries

  • 2X increase in media interviews & podcasts

Andy used Advantage’s turnkey book publishing services, and so can you. We create a book from scratch to tell your story, share your message, and help establish you as the unquestioned Authority in your field. To learn more about publishing a book with Advantage|ForbesBooks, as well as our suite of book marketing services, click here.

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