Advantage is now the “Official Book Publisher” of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle

CHARLESTON, SC, November 14, 2011 Advantage Media Group (AMG) is proud to announce a book publishing partnership with marketing giant, Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle (GKIC). AMG and GKIC share a common goal: to help entrepreneurs build better, more profitable businesses with better marketing. A book is a vital marketing tool to build a business.

Advantage Media Group is a full service, author-centric publisher assisting entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business leaders to market and grow their organizations through the printed word. They provide their clients with the comprehensive support and education to write, publish, and sell their books, while simultaneously helping them to expand their platform and influence because of their book. “Having the opportunity to partner with GKIC and help their thousands of members become published authors is a great privilege and opportunity,” says AMG Founder and CEO Adam Witty. “Co-Founder Dan Kennedy provides the ultimate example of how being a published author is good for business.”

Dan Kennedy, multi-millionaire entrepreneur, author of seven books, and GKIC co-founder says, “Advantage Media Group ‘gets it.’ They understand that a book is a marketing tool to grow your business. Their team, expert guidance, and personalized approach deliver first-class publishing for the business professional.”

The partnership was kismet. Advantage Media Group has been a long-time GKIC member. AMG has already published over 36 GKIC members’ books, including Dan Kennedy’s biography, My Unfinished Business, and several critical compilations such as Secrets of Peak Performers, and The Phenomenon. Because of the partnership, Advantage will be present at all Glazer-Kennedy events, will build a web-based library of all GKIC member books, MP3 author interviews and resources.

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