passion purpose power carla mooreCarla Moore embodies the daring businesswoman. With sharp client service skills and a glittering personality, she rose to Vice President of Point of Sale Strategy at HBO. However, in spite of her executive status, Moore felt largely directionless. After a brutal car crash, she realized she was living “on autopilot,” and set out to lead a more purpose-driven life. Amid the world travel and triathlons that followed, one crucial insight emerged: passion and purpose were the two elements she had been missing.

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After gaining clarity around what her life represented and what she was here to do, Moore became a Certified Transformation Coach, hoping to help others seize their “crash moments.” A fanbase formed, with many urging her to write a book on her principles and insights. Shortly thereafter, she crossed paths with an Advantage|ForbesBooks representative who was more than eager to help share her story. After signing on with ForbesBooks, Moore released her 2018 debut, Crash! Leading Through the Wreckage.

Since publication, Moore’s speaking business and coaching practice have boomed, establishing her authority on the topic of personal transformation. Her paid speaking opportunities tripled and she conducted over 100 coaching sessions in one year. She has won an industry award, and enjoyed five magazine features, four radio interviews and six podcast appearances. In addition, she developed and launched her own business lifestyle talk show, Life in 3D, with journalist Crystal Berger and tech exec Netta Jenkins. The show aims to influence, inspire and empower others to live the life they’ve imagined. Since publishing, Moore’s career only continues to abound in opportunity.


Success by the Numbers

100+ coaching sessions

3X increase in paid speaking engagements

1 Talk show in development

2X Increase in coaching business

5 Magazine features

4 Radio interviews


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