dr scot grayWhen it comes to expanding his practice, Scot Gray doesn’t view other chiropractors in his town as competition. In fact, he regards them more as “teammates.” Instead, Scot sees his real competition as the medical establishment and the medications they provide to cover up pain.

Scot believes that many of his prospective patients are living with pain, but have not considered chiropractic care. Most people in this group worry about straying from traditional medical doctors and their pain medications. Usually, their reluctance is rooted in a lack of information and, often, the belief that chiropractors are “quacks.” So how does a small town doctor fight this attitude as well as a centuries-old institution?

Scot felt there was only one way to attract more patients to him and his practice. This was by providing useful, factual, and interesting information in a book. And after publishing his book with Advantage Media Group, Scot’s results have proven him right. Within 18 months of publishing, he has boosted his practice by 30%.


So how did Scot do it? It all began with the release of his book in February 2011. Within weeks, he garnered interviews with NBC and Lifetime Television. Several newspapers and online sources featured his book as well as his practice and treatments. Scot says this publicity alone “represented a 3 to 1 return on my [book] investment.”

This surge in free publicity was largely due to Scot’s increased credibility as an author. As Scot says, “People assume you know what you’re talking about because you’re an author of a book.” However, Scot didn’t stop with this publicity. He also offers lectures and workshops at hospitals, community organizations, and employee groups. Not only does his book make it easier to schedule talks, it also provides incentive for people to attend.

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“Typically, my lectures are free. Many times, I provide a dinner or meal and then I do a workshop. I offer people the book as a bonus when they sign up. People like to get books so they often come to the lecture just to get the book.” Scot is able to provide these lectures at no cost because they are so lucrative for him. At an average of one workshop per week, he recruits at least one new patient at every outing. For Scot, this adds up to a lot of new revenue. On average, each new patient is worth $1,200 to $1,500 annually. Over the course of a year, this amounts $62,400 to $78,000 in additional income for his practice. And these figures don’t include weeks when he finds more than one new patient.

Scot believes this level of success would not be possible without his book. “My book has definitely made marketing more cost effective. It’s so much easier to book a lecture due to my increased credibility. Plus, it allows me to sign up more new clients because of the book. Some people need this credibility. They need proof that you are who you say you are. My book provides that.”


Scot has also found that his book encourages patient loyalty and retention, a definite plus when there are so many chiropractors to choose from. His book makes it easy to provide patients with the information they need to stay healthy. “I don’t always have time to sit with them and give them a book’s worth of information so it is something they can take home. They can use things in the book when they’re hurting over the weekend, which is a great advantage to them. They love having it.”

Scot also encourages his patients to share the book with friends and family. This strategy has increased unsolicited referrals to his practice. “People will often call and say they’ve read my book, and ask if there is something I can do to help them.” However, what stands out most for Scot is that people now view him as an expert. This has resulted in not only an expanded practice but also better patients. “They trust and respect you more. Plus, you’ve pre-educated them to help them be more healthy.”


As Scot says, his book is “definitely a worthwhile investment.” Just 11 months after publishing it, he experienced his “best year ever.” As of August 2012, business had skyrocketed by 30%, only 18 months after beginning his journey as an author. “For me, I look at the ROI. I’ve paid for the book 10 to 15 times over with the amount of business I’ve got from it. There’s not a whole lot that compares with the credibility and respect you get for being an author of a book. And it’s not just self-published either. It also helps that it is published through a reputable publishing company. People ask me about that. And Advantage is a great company to help you do this.”

View Scot Gray’s Advantage Author Profile Here.

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