content marketing tips for business ownersContent marketing, the most talked about strategy used to drive modern brand awareness, is continuing to reshape the mold. As a result of Google and other search engine updates, entrepreneurs need to make sure they are doing enough to distinguish their businesses in a crowded market. These tips will help professionals step up their content marketing game.

1. Quality over Quantity

Although most entrepreneurs might be anxious to churn out content on a consistent basis, the quality of a piece determines its effectiveness. Overloading on keywords will no longer get you ahead of the competition. Google has recently started to search for relevant, quality content that more accurately matches a user’s query. Your number one goal is to be viewed as a trusted source. Your ability to provide readers with that reliable and informative content, will keep them coming back for more.

2. Drive with Data

Leveraging data can instantly improve your overall content marketing strategy. By analyzing your current business content strategy, you can determine a “best approach.” Consider what days and times are best to post content. Determine which topics receive higher levels of response from readers. Use this basic information to revamp your current game plan. Testing and tracking will allow you to see the actual results of your content marketing efforts. Platforms such as Google Analytics, Hootsuite and Twitter make it easy to view traffic and engagement across social media. Furthermore:

a. Establish your key performance indicators:

Knowing what to measure is half the battle. Begin your new measured approach by establishing 5 key performance indicators for your business. Establish metrics per department to get an even more granular view of the inner workings of your teams and how their efforts impact overall company success.

b. Source the systems that will help you succeed:

To start, identify what areas you need support to make your marketing efforts more streamlined, automated and trackable. It takes time and effort to establish what areas you need the most support in and what systems offer packages that meet those needs. But, until you audit your efforts and uncover where you can be performing better, you won’t know where you need help.

c. Always be measuring: 

Create a dashboard of your key performance indicators and measure them on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Sometimes, just seeing the numbers on a regular basis, and probing for the reasons why they numbers are what they are allows you to adjust and alter your methods for optimum success. Marketing methods provide data to be tracked, analyzed and adjusted, if and as needed.

3. Visualize

Most consumers digest information in smaller, more visual pieces. Don’t be afraid to use infographics to display important data. The increased amount of data available to the consumer can be overwhelming, so keep it simple. A visual and tastefully constructed infographic can display the same amount of information in a more appealing format.

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