Dentist, Dr. Namrita Singh, Shares Her Experience of Becoming an Advantage Author

As a holistic dentist, Dr. Namrita Singh knew she needed to do more to educate her patients. “I do things differently than a lot of dentists. There isn’t a whole lot of information, so I wanted to put it all together and give it to my patients. This way, they would understand where I am coming from and why I’m doing certain procedures. They would understand what my philosophy for practicing dentistry is.”

So, Dr. Singh published her book, Whole Health Dentistry: Why the Mouth is Key to Your Body’s Health, in late 2012. “My book definitely helps patients to understand why I want them to do certain procedures. It helps them to do more for themselves and that has helped me, too, of course. I can provide them with the care they actually need because people no longer doubt or question what I recommend. It’s a win-win situation for both of us.” Dr. Singh’s book has certainly achieved her goal of education. Yet, not surprisingly, she has also created a more profitable and enjoyable practice.

 “Easy Marketing” Yields Big Results

Since her goal was to educate, Dr. Singh has only done “a little marketing” for her book so far. Even so, her results have been impressive. She began by including her book in every aspect of her practice, starting with her website. Anyone who visits her site can buy a hard copy on Amazon or download it for their Kindle. She also keeps copies in her waiting and patient consultation rooms. Posters in the reception area promote the book as well.

She encourages everyone to read and share the book. Not surprisingly, this tactic has resulted in new patients. “My patients will pick my book up and then give it to their friends. I have people that come in after reading a book that they got from someone else.” In addition, Dr. Singh gives copies to the specialists she refers patients to. “They can give my book to their patients when they have questions or when they want to refer them a general dentist.”

Finally, she provides a copy to every employee, new and old. While this may not sound like a marketing strategy, she feels it improves the patient experience, which in turn, helps with patient retention. “Now, my employees all have better answers for the questions my patients frequently ask. To me, my book is literally like an employee training manual.”

All of these strategies were relatively easy to do. Yet, the return is beyond Dr. Singh’s expectations. She believes her credibility has increased along with her patients’ trust. “When patients walk in to sit in my chair, they listen to me differently now. I have an easier time explaining things to them. They are more apt to listen to my explanations and do what I want them to do, whereas before, I would struggle with trying to explain why a particular thing had to be done even though it was more expensive.”

Of course, her practice is easier and more enjoyable when patients are willing to do what she recommends. Plus, she no longer has to provide long, drawn-out explanations to her patients, so she saves time. More importantly, patients are now more willing to invest in expensive procedures to protect their teeth, something fewer were willing to do before reading her book. All of this adds up to increased income.

“I felt if my patients were more educated, I would increase my income, which I did. My book has also helped me to do it in an easier fashion. So, I got more than what I wanted with my book.” With results like these, it’s no wonder that Dr. Singh recommends that every professional should become an author. And thanks to Advantage Media’s Talk Your Book™ program, it is easier to do than most people may think. “The whole process of sitting down and writing your book is taken away. So, it’s easy to get your chance to show or tell people your point of view.”

She also has high praise for Advantage Media staff. “They were wonderful. They were really helpful. I couldn’t have done it without their help. I love being a published author. It was always a dream for me. Now, it is a dream come true.”

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